Life’s Greatest Blessing…

Tomorrow, Matt and I will celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary.  While the day will be our normal organized chaos that between the two of us involves exercising calves, coaching a swim meet, and leading an alfalfa harvesting crew; it will also be special.Anne and Matt0003

I am not sure if I can clearly remember the 21 year old with stars in her eyes who walked down the aisle of Bethesda-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida; but I certainly remember the look on Matt’s face when I stepped inside the church.  I am blessed to still get to see that same look today.

I have loved Matt for more than half of my life, and our marriage is based not only on love but also on commitment.  The journey from Hanover, New Hampshire to rural Nebraska has been marked by both challenges and opportunities.  We face them together: holding onto each other for support and remaining committed to living the dream.

Our recipe for sustainability lies in an unwavering desire to endure with joy.DSC05079

Almost two decades later, we are thriving farmers and the parents to three beautiful and talented girls. Matt is not just my husband, he is my biggest fan.  He believes in me when I doubt myself, encourages me when I am challenged, and celebrates my successes with enthusiasm.  His loving support not only guides me, but also teaches our daughters about the respect and devotion that provides the foundation to a successful family.

Husker and Swimming June 17 2012 049Today, I reflect on the fact that a devoted spouse is life’s greatest blessing.

  • Their faith is unwavering.
  • Their support is priceless.
  • Their love is a gift to always be treasured.

While many people look at my path from urban athlete to rural cowgirl as both an unusual journey and an interesting success story, the truth is that most of the credit should go to the quiet man who stands beside me and  has dedicated his life to our partnership.  I can only hope that our daughters will one day also be blessed with someone who both completes them and inspires them to greatness.

Today I salute my favorite farmer.  I look to the past with thankfulness, I look to the present with joy, and I look to the future with excitement knowing that we will greet each day with the knowledge that love and opportunity await us.DSC05507

What is your greatest blessing?


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16 responses to “Life’s Greatest Blessing…

  1. Nancy

    Congratulations to both of you on your marriage and commitment to agriculture while raising the girls.

  2. Dawn

    Congratulations! A very sweet tribute to love and devotion.

    • Thank you, Dawn. It is great to hear from you! Matt is pretty special, so this post was fun to write. I have to admit that I teared up a few times as I put thoughts into words…

      I hope that all is well,

  3. John Butler

    Enjoyed this

    Sandy and I just celebrated 27 yrs

    Blessed for sure!

    John Butler Sent from my iPhone

    • Glad that you enjoyed the post, John! Congratulations on your 27 years–you are a few ahead of us 🙂

      Looking forward to meeting Sandy sometime soon.
      All the best,

  4. Karla

    God Bless to a beautiful family

  5. Ann

    Well written, some of us are very fortunate! Happy Anniversary!

    • Thank you, Ann. I am sure that we will have an eventful day! The haymill is currently broken down, so Matt is still at the plant trying to make things work (and it is 9:00pm as I write this). Hopefully they will get it figured out tonight so that the girls and I get to see him some tomorrow!


  6. Jan

    Have a wonderful day! May God bless you with many more precious years together.

  7. Rex

    So very glad you were both born, met and have blessed our lives.

  8. Carol

    Congratulations! Commitment is a very precious commodity these days. I’m so glad to see it in the 2 of you. Jim and I will celebrate 42 yrs. in August. I’ve now been married twice as long as I was single!

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