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9 responses to “Photo Gallery

  1. Andy Meadows, DVM

    Way to go, Anne! I am glad life led you into animal agriculture. We are blessed to have you. Keep up the great work. Many thanks!

  2. Fran

    Annie, Thank you for showing pictures of a real feedyard, where the cattle are cared for and treated humanely. From one beef -producing family to another-we appreciate your blog and how it can educate others about where their food comes from. Animal Agriculture has been under attack for quite some time and we need more smart, sensible people to bring the media into their farming operations for a look.

  3. Carol Ingram

    Nice pics Anne and family.loved the pic of Meg on Magnum with the cat inher arms.
    -luv Tehya

  4. Liz

    I cannot believe how much the girls have grown since I started watching them!! I am so proud of all that they do and accomplish and can’t wait to see what paths their lives take in the future.

    ❤ Love, Liz

  5. Jan Koehler

    Hi Anne,
    I came across your feedyard foodie, and i could not believe my eyes! This is Janet (better known as Rachel and Rebeca’s mom) and I just am so happy for you and Matt and your beautiful girls! I am not surprised at all by your achievements,as I will always remember you as the girl with dedication, talent and humility!
    Let me tell you that I am a vegetarian, but if I were ever to indulge in a helping of beef, I would make my steak would come from your farm! ;>
    With your commitment to health and happiness of your cattle, I could take a bite guilt free!
    Take Care Anne, God Bless You and Yours!

  6. I wish we could play your slideshow in Times Square, NY. This is agriculture! I love your site. Thanks for sharing. -A City Girl turned Country!

  7. Anne,
    I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago when I began writing one of my own. You have a very open way of expressing truth that many people will be able to connect with. The essence of who you are and what your family stands for is inspiring. Keep up the great work! God Bless You!

  8. Anne, you have a wonderful and unique story to tell and do it beautifully. There is an “aggie” in everyone, I’m glad you found yours! Keep up the good work. Hope you had fun in Tampa!

    • Thank you so much, Gay. I agree–there has always been an “aggie” inside of me, it just took me a little bit of time to find it! I hope that you continue to read and follow my journey!

      All the best,

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