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  1. Cara

    Your sign says you care for you cattle – is that right? Tell me – how is taking their lives away from them caring for them? I find it ironic you have a picture of yourself standing next to your beloved horse, yet you’re perfectly willing to eat similar species. What a hypocrite.

    • Hi Cara,

      You appear to hold different philosophical beliefs than I do. I separate animals into different groups/classifications and it appears that you do not. I believe that my cattle are “food animals” and, as such, are raised with the primary purpose of creating food. I do care for my cattle, but they are not my pets so the care that I offer to them is different that what I provide to my horse, dog, and cats. I believe that it is my responsibility to offer good care for my cattle during their lifetime, but their purpose is to be slaughtered to make food. This is a very different purpose than what my pets hold.

      You are certainly welcome to disagree with me — that is the American way, but I ask that you respect that I view the world differently than you do. That does not make me a hypocrite, it simply means that we do not share the same beliefs.


  2. I admit to the fact that we humans “categorize” our love of animals. We are outraged (in our culture) at the slaughter of a horse for meat, but they are both beautiful animals. Other cultures eat horse meat. How do we justify one and not the other. Because we are human beings…….it doesn’t have to make sense. Many things our species does doesn’t make any sense. Human beings are a problem for this planet. But we are here to stay. And yes, most humans want to kill and eat other living things. that won’t change.

  3. I choose to only eat organic meat, grass fed. It’s better for me and it’s better for the animal.

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