The Essence of Hope…

Wednesday Wisdom 🙂

My favorite blonde cowgirl brings inspiration for this scripture choice– this one is special to her and it comes from Proverbs 24: 16.

For the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.

Our girls are our greatest blessings. There is something truly beautiful about children as they bring an added dimension to life. A child views the world with a unique perspective of innocence as well as an unrelenting fountain of hope. Even as teenagers, all three of my girls possess an ability to nurture their faith through an uncomplicated blend of optimism and forgiveness. This helps them to persevere with grace.

I’ll never forget a spring about ten years ago. It rained. And, it rained. And, it rained some more. It rained so much that we had to move cattle to higher ground. Then we got yet another hard rain that caused localized flooding both at our house and on the farm. I was emotionally defeated as well as physically drained. It seemed like the world was against me and my attitude reflected my failing faith.

The afternoon after the flood, the girls and I were driving around the feed yard. I was bitter, angry and full of judgement. Amidst my grumbling, I heard what could only be described as joyful laughter from the back seat of the pickup. I turned to look and, with a beaming smile on her face, Ashley Grace (age 8) leaned over the front seat and issued precious words of advice.

“Mama, it’ll be okay. We just need to build an ark.”

It was so simple for her. She believed that God was with us, and her faith never faltered. Despite the fact that she was watching her dad and I fall at the farm, she had internalized the important notion that if we behaved appropriately that we would rise again. She knew it was going to be alright, and the optimism and faith radiating in her eyes inspired me to recenter myself and fix my attitude. After that day, we did not receive any more rain for about 30 days which gave us plenty of time to fix the house and get the farm back on its feet. The hard work wasn’t done, but the emergency had passed.

I believe that God, with the Holy Spirit, communicates with us through feelings and experiences. I’ve no doubt that He was present in the pick up that day and spoke to me through my daughter. I also believe that He continuously pursues me in a desire for a meaningful relationship. This helps me to find righteousness in my actions and rise again when I falter. The number seven reminds me that perfection isn’t the goal. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, so he inspires us to keep going – to keeping trying – always striving to live a more honorable life.

It is no surprise to me that Proverbs 24:16 is Megan’s favorite scripture verse. Meg has an innate sense of humility — she is fully aware that she makes mistakes — but she is just as certain that God will help her to rise again each time that she falls.

This is the essence of hope.

This is a cornerstone of faith.

This is the beauty of being on God’s team.








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5 responses to “The Essence of Hope…

  1. Roger Hunt

    Yesterday was Tuesday but for most of the day I thought it was Wednesday. I couldn’t understand why no “Wednesday Wisdom” post. I have come to look forward to your reflections on a bible verse. I must be honest, at first I was a little leary about it but I have come to enjoy it very much. It’s always interesting to see your take on it and see how it has come to life, in your life.

    It has become one of my favorite spiritual reflection sources.

    I am curious, Anne, what motivated you to share this type of post? What ever the reason, I am glad you did! Thanks!! ❤

    • Hi Roger! Wednesday Wisdom is (for me) a reflection of my mantra that the road to excellence isn’t comfortable. My 550 mile running reflection on my life and spirituality that spanned from June to October of 2017 was incredibly cathartic for me. This trend of posts is a direct result of thoughts that came to me during my runs.

      Writing helps me to process and formalize introspections as well as holds me accountable for my commitment to things in my life. I needed to write this series of posts. It became important to me to share my faith as well as to think about all of the times that God has guided me on the journey. I am a “work in progress” and I hope that this series doesn’t just help me to deepen my faith, but also inspires others.

      I’m taking it “week to week” so do not have a definite plan for how long or where the journey will lead. I am glad that you are enjoying reading the posts — I am enjoying writing them 🙂

      I hope that you are well! Thank you for always supporting me.

      • Roger Hunt

        I have just put down my second favorite book by Meals Donald Walsh “Friendship With God” and what you have just said is more or less just what I’ve been reading….I find that sooo….
        amazing/interesting/crazy (in the best sense)/astonishing!!! Life is so interesting/amazing/fun!!!! Just had to let you know!!!


    Great post Anne.
    A friend of mine pointed out that “wicked” means to “stir up”, which is the sense that “wicked ale” must be used, to stir up the taste buds. I can see that with one’s thoughts and emotions all stirred up, is difficult to find up, to find over, and then get up. A cascade of emotion keeps one down.
    Years ago, my brother and I had had a very frustrating morning. We came home to find a boy that we had promised to take on a hike waiting for us. The day got much better, we had something very good to do. I think your daughter might call that our arc.

    • Thank you, Rex! I am glad that you have also had an “arc experience” 🙂 They help us to stay centered and have a good outlook on life. I hope that all is well!


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