Love Food Friday Tip #3: Stock the Staples…

Love Food Friday


Food Waste Elimination Tip #3: Stock the Staples!

Chef Christopher Gigiel

A kitchen stocked with the staple ingredients is a happy and less wasteful kitchen!

While it may seem counter intuitive to the two former tips (Plan and Organize!), stocking the staples is actually a key way that I ensure that I have what I need to make use of the more expensive and more perishable fresh items. I routinely stock dried and canned goods like pastas, rice, canned beans and tomatoes, and several jarred sauces as well as flour, sugar, etc.

With a basic inventory of these items, I can ensure that I make use of the produce or meat I bought but didn’t get around to cooking when my busy life got in the way. “Shelf stable” items like this never go bad, and allow me to whip something up in a pinch or for that unexpected company that drops by.

Love Food Friday Recipe Share #3: Beef Chili Five Ways!

Anne’s note: I don’t purchase 93% lean ground beef as the recipe suggests.  It cooks up nicely with burger that is less lean as well 🙂


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2 responses to “Love Food Friday Tip #3: Stock the Staples…

  1. Richard Simonsen

    Watch those canned tomatoes. Some companies use BPH, a cancer causing chemical, as a liner for cans for things like tomatoes which are quite acidic. If the lining is white, it is probably BPH (might be BHP). It has been banned in Europe. Just letting you know.

    • I appreciate the comment, Richard. I am not overly familiar with store bought canned tomatoes as we usually have some from our garden that we put up to use during the winter.

      That makes for a good tip when shopping in the store.


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