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Jury Duty…

My feedyard crew consists of three guys and myself. Together we care for close to 3000 animals as well as the business part of the farm. During the busy fall run, the amount of work comes close to overwhelming us. By Thanksgiving, there is a light at the end of the tunnel but our days are still very busy.

This week we have an additional challenge because my cowboy was called to Jury Duty. This is actually the second time this fall he has been called. He still comes to work at 6:00 to help us start the day, but by 8:00 he is on his way to the courthouse.


His list of responsibilities at the yard consists of: daily checking of cattle health, shipping cattle to the packing plant, being a member of the cattle vaccinating/processing crew, cleaning water tanks and an array of other things. When he is gone, the rest of us fill in the gaps.

My crew is a cross between a family and a well-oiled machine. We make an awesome team. It is hard when one of us is gone – especially on a holiday week in the fall…

Fortunately my favorite blonde cowgirl starts her Thanksgiving vacation from school today. She will be spending her time at the feed yard helping me to check cattle health and working cattle. Her sunny disposition will keep us all smiling, and her cattle savvy will lessen the work load.


To say that she is a blessing would be an understatement. She may well be quickly approaching angel status 🙂

This week our family wishes each of you a Happy Thanksgiving — Take a moment to appreciate your life’s blessings and say a special word of thanks for all of the farm kids in our country who give of themselves to help bring food to your dinner table.

We are indeed all blessed.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for reading and following my blog.  The last eight months have been very rewarding for me, and I so appreciate your time and attention.  I hope that reading my posts has been as enlightening for you as writing them has been for me!  I am traveling with my family for Christmas so will be taking a couple of weeks off from blogging.  Regular Feed Yard Foodie posts will resume on Tuesday January 3rd.  I hope that each of you has a blessed holiday season surrounded by loved ones!


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A Thankful Daughter and Mother…

This week my high school alma mater, Cardinal Newman, is hosting a special celebration for 50 years of high school athletics.  As part of the celebration, they are honoring the top athlete graduates of the school and have asked them to be present for the celebration.

Three generations…just before my wedding day…

In addition to being a “Cardinal Newman Mom”, my mother has been a dedicated teacher at the school for more than twenty years.  She has a passion and love of teaching that rivals my passion and love for raising cattle and making beef.  As both “faculty” and “mom” she has been intrinsically involved in the planning of this athletic celebration for almost a year now.

As a three sport high school state finalist, I am supposed to be in Florida attending the celebration.  The phone conversation where I had to tell my mom that I was not going to be able to attend was a painful one.  I know that she was terribly disappointed and, as a daughter, that I let her down.  She was my biggest athletic “fan”, and spent years getting up at 4:30 in the morning to drive me across town to swimming practice until I got my driver’s license.  She always supported me and never complained.  I do not remember her ever missing a swimming, cross country or track meet.  As my own children begin their athletic careers, I am beginning to have a better understanding and appreciation of the unselfish and constant support that I received from my mom.

So, why am I in Nebraska instead of in Florida this week?

I wean calves at the feed yard in October and November.  I mentioned a couple of posts ago that freshly weaned calves are “high maintenance”.  Offering them the supportive care that they need to remain healthy and thrive during this time of stress is just plain hard work.  I will go sixty days straight of being at the feed yard at just after 6:00am, and my days will be long.  I purchase, receive, exercise, vaccinate, and ensure that my calves receive the proper feed and care…

My baby went to 1st grade this year…

My youngest daughter blessed us with her presence four weeks early on October 24, 2004.  I am convinced that she came early because she was tired of receiving and caring for cattle…She is a smart kid and figured out that the only way that she was going to get my attention during “weaning time” at the feed yard was to be born.  To this day, she tells everyone (with a very solemn face) that she has to share her birthday with the calves at the feed yard.

I am truly thankful to my family for the sacrifices that they make in order for me to be the Boss Lady at a cattle feed yard.  I could not offer my calves such a high quality level of care without the support of my family.  I could not offer you, the consumer of my beef, a great tasting and humanely raised beef product without the support of my family.

In honor of my mom and my daughters, I would like to share a favorite recipe with you.  This was my favorite meal as a kid (it’s still one of my favorites), and my kids would tell you that it is one of their favorites as well.  I do not know where the recipe originated from, so I am going to name it after my mom…

Sally’s Amazing Hamburger Cassarole

1# ground beef

½ chopped onion

1 can tomato soup

1 cup water

1 bag uncooked noodles (I use whole wheat macaroni)

1 Bar Grated Cheddar Cheese

In a large electric frying pan, brown hamburger and onion. Drain grease if necessary. Turn down the heat to just hotter than simmer temperature and add tomato soup, water, and a little bit of pepper.  Mix together until the soup and water are blended with the burger and onion.  Add uncooked noodles, stir and cover the pan.  Cook until the noodles are partially done mixing periodically.  (The mixture should bubble but be careful not to scorch the bottom—you may need to add a little bit of additional water to ensure that the mixture does not go dry while cooking the noodles.) Place in a casserole dish and top with cheese (I put half the hamburger mix in the casserole and then put a layer of cheese in the middle before adding the rest).  Bake in a 325-350 degree oven (depending on your altitude) for 30-45 minutes.  If you choose to double the meat, then you need to double the amount of tomato soup and add extra water.

Thank you, Mom (Grandma), for a lifetime of love and support…



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