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Someone With Whom To Share…

Wednesday Wisdom 🙂

Inspiration this week comes from Paul’s letter to 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

“All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others.”

My favorite farmer and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary on Monday. I met Matt when I was eighteen and a freshman in college. My mom’s parting words when she put me on an airplane to go to school were, “Anne, stay away from the older boys.” It took about two months at Dartmouth College for our paths to cross on Halloween night, and we went on our first date the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

I knew when I met Matt that he was the one. My friends teased me and my dad kept reminding me that I was too young to commit, but my heart had clear discernment and I have always been stubborn. We got engaged on my 20th birthday and were married not long after I turned 21. I had no idea what life would bring, but I knew who I was meant to share it with.

24 years later, I better appreciate the blessing of our partnership. We’ve experienced the joy of family with our girls, the heartache of loss, and enough health challenges that we remember that each day is a gift. It’s not been easy, but it’s been a beautiful and honorable journey. One that would not be complete without the togetherness that we intentionally choose to share each day.

I think that the Bible very clearly calls us to live in community. God did not create us to live in isolation, He created us to share. While we are asked to share with many, there is a special type of sharing that comes with being husband and wife. Sharing is not just a “perk”, rather it is a vital part of finding stability amidst the roller coaster of life. I’ve learned to appreciate many things in the 24 years that Matt and I have been married, but I think this is the gift that I treasure the most.

Having someone with whom to share life enables the joy to be greater and the challenges to be surmountable. It is one way that God comforts us no matter the circumstances that we must walk through.

Even though I am an introvert, being alone frightens me. The love that Matt and I share helps to fuel me. I know that no matter what happens, he will walk through it with me – holding my hand – and caring for my heart. Quite honestly, Matt is my little bit of Jesus on earth. God’s good like that. He places a bit of himself in everyone with the goal that He can be shared and become a reality for all.

One of my very favorite verses is Hebrews 11:1 – “Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.” I can’t literally see Jesus while I live on earth, but I can see Him through others and (as a result) know with certainty that He is there. Matt enables that for me. I believe that part of his mission – his calling – is to share God’s love, comfort, courage and grace with me. I know in my heart that God intentionally created Matt to love me and to share life with me, and through that connection I am able to better see the reality of God’s love for me 🙂

Today, I am thankful to have someone with whom to share…



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Learning To Share…

Nine years ago today my baby girl made her way into the world.  She was four weeks early, obviously deciding that she was tired of the cramped conditions in my belly as well as spending long days caring for cattle during the Fall Run at the feed yard.

The fall months are marked by cattle coming off of grass pastures and into the feed yard as the growing season comes to an end in Nebraska...

The fall months are marked by cattle coming off of grass pastures and into the feed yard as the growing season comes to an end in Nebraska…

She was a perfectly beautiful baby weighing in at 6 pounds and 7 ounces, and she arrived ready to take on the world.Karyn birth1

While I believe that all of my girls are a gift from God, the circumstances surrounding Karyn’s first four years uniquely changed both my body and my perspective of life.  Unknowingly, over the years, Karyn has propelled me toward adopting my own mantra.

Special times of learning...

When my life is over and I leave this world, I do not want to have any part of myself left.  I want to have used all of my gifts and talents in order to have made a positive difference.

Most fall days, chores keep me hopping from the dark hours of the morning until dusk falls across the prairie in the evening.  As much as possible, I try to include my girls in those chores.  I believe that working with animals teaches focus as well as compassion and responsibility.  It takes the emphasis away from self, and instead focuses the caregiver’s attention on another being.Sept. 30, 2011 054

Just as there is a part of my heart that cares unconditionally, there is also a part of my brain that accepts the necessary life skill of learning to share.  That skill not only pertains to the way that I care for my animals, but it also bridges into every relationship in my life.  Passing that skill on to my girls is of the utmost importance to me.DSC06493

Last weekend, Karyn made her own birthday party invitations on the computer.   She proudly brought them up to show me when she was finished, and my eyes filled with tears when I read her request for birthday gifts.

Don't bring gifts

Bring donations for the local food pantry instead of gifts for the birthday girl…

She may only be nine years old today, but she already is realizing the vital importance of Learning to Share. 

What more could a Mama ask for?


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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes…

Whenever I speak to a group of students, I always ask them what the two most important skills are that they need to master.  I get some interesting answers, although I rarely get both of the ones that I am looking for…

So, what do I feel are the two most important skills that our young people need to learn?

  1. To coherently express their thoughts verbally in an organized manner—Public Speaking Skills!
  2. To coherently express their thoughts in written form in an organized manner—Writing Skills!

I am a firm believer that these skills are imperative, no matter what path your life takes.  I spend the majority of my time non-verbally communicating with animals; however, I still use these two skills regularly.

Walking down the aisle at graduation a few moments before giving the Salutatorian Address...

My love for public speaking started early in my life, and continues to this day.  I speak to groups of cattlemen, I speak to groups of veterinarians, I speak to politicians and their staff members, I speak to student groups.  This list could go on and on, and I love every minute of it.  My Feed Yard Foodie site is a testament to how important I feel decent writing skills are.

My three daughters claim that I pontificate at home about the need for them to develop these two skills.  My middle daughter has recently realized an interest in writing, and my husband and I are trying our best to foster that interest.  One afternoon before Christmas she came home from school and wrote the essay that appears below.  She is very excited to be a guest blogger at the young age of 9!

I would like to title the essay: “Out Of The Mouths Of Babes”, and I think that you will understand why when you read it

The cowgirl turned writer...

The Reasons Agriculture is Important To This World

By Megan Anne Burkholder

I think Agriculture is important because it provides this WORLD with a large supply of food! A lot of the world depends on Nebraska and neighboring states for their meat! I live in Cozad, and where is Cozad you might ask? Well, it is in the middle of Nebraska! In other words right in the middle of the world’s meat supply!!

            Agriculture is also important with crops like alfalfa, hay, corn, and wheat. Farmers help supply us with corn on the cob, corn and alfalfa pellets to feed to livestock, hay for livestock, wheat for flour and flour for bread! That’s a big job for the 2,204,792 farmers in the United States of America–plus, a few farmers from other countries too!

            There are a LOT of people in the U.S.A! Still, farmers only make up 2 present of all Americans! That’s not a lot if you ask me. They work hard, trying to survive in the world because President Obama keeps increasing our taxes and regulations.

            Farms are struggling because they don’t have enough money; there are too many taxes; and too many regulations from OSHA, the Labor Department, and EPA.  For a farm business there are a lot of rules to follow! For example I mentioned OSHA; well OSHA is having EVERY employee in the U.S.A wear a harness if they are 4ft off the ground! That is NOT a very high point!! (If OSHA found Cozad Elementary they would make kids were harnesses on the PLAYGROUND!!! That would be terrible!)

            Did you know that the Department of Labor is trying to make it illegal for me to go with my mom to her cattle feed yard to help her work? That’s terrible because my mom says that I make her work more lively, go quicker and more fun to do! That is a compliment! I like to help her do her job and she likes to teach me to do her job correctly! Together we are a perfect match to get the work done quicker and have a little fun doing it the right way!

            I don’t get to help my dad much at his dehydration plant. Most of equipment is too dangerous for me to be around. So when he is at the plant and my sisters or I are with him, we have to stay in the office with the kitty cat. But when he is out in the fields working with NO dangerous equipment, we are allowed to help him.  This fall I got to help him take soil samples on his farm—it was hard work getting the samples out of the ground!

            Well, that is my life and why I think Agriculture is SO important to the world. I am sad that not everyone understands why agriculture is so important.

Quality time shared together helps her to understand the world that she lives in, as well as to develop those important life skills...

It is both my right and my duty as a parent to teach my children.  I must not only share my life with them, but also teach them the skills that they need to be productive participators…The world is run by those who show up with skills and a desire to participate!



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