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Our Family…Our Farm…Your Food Supply!

As Megan so eloquently said, “Our farm is our life”…Below are a few of my favorite pictures of the girls learning to contribute on our farm.  I hope that you will be able to tell from the smiles on their faces how much it means to them to be able to participate.  I implore President Obama and Labor Secretary Solis to realize that our children and our farm are intertwined and can not (and should not) be separated.  The fact that our farm is made up (in part) by a cattle feed yard does not make it any less safe or any less of a family farm.  My legacy and both of our food supply relies on our youth’s motivation and ability to work hard and contribute…

Learning to ride takes incredible focus for a 7 year old. That ability to focus will make Karyn a better student of life...

They learn from me, they learn from each other, and they learn from our animals...

From track practice, to soccer practice, to unloading cattle---yesterday was a great day!

She does not share my passion for understanding and caring for prey animals, but she acquired the same work ethic and focus skills as her sisters learning to work on our farm. She knows what it takes to grow food...Here, she plants the vegetables that will be served with our great tasting steaks this summer!

Her dream is to keep learning from her mama at the feed yard so that she can continue to understand how healthy animals make healthy beef...She is proud of what she does--she is proud to be an American...Don't take her dream away with needless and burdensome regulations!

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