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Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas from our family to yours...

A very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

The trees whisper softly… their message rolls off the hills.

Snow softly blankets the cold, still Earth.

The slightest sound… a Cardinal tweets its song to the sky.

The tan tips of corn stalks peek up… barely above the soft snow.

 White lumps huddle together on the edge of fields.

Mother Nature throws her best at the farmers of mid-Nebraska.

A crackling sound interrupts the peace.

A single buck darts across the Platte River… the ice under his hooves breaks.

He nimbly jumps to the other side.

A geyser shoots from the cracked ice.. suddenly the sleeping Platte is alive again.

A light glow on the eastern side announces the new day…

Rays of pink and gold shoot out from behind a cloud in every direction.

The buck raises his elegant head… his racks rustle the icicles on a nearby tree.

The slight jingle makes a soft sound… almost like a message from the angels singing above.

As the gold of the sunrise drifts away with the wing, its speed picks up…

People near and far can hear the whistling… almost as if the sun must be blown from the sky.

This day is cold but happy… many families gather together to decorate and bake.

Soon far and wide, the smell of ginger and Christmas treats floats throughout the air.

The sun outside is breaking through the clouds, glistening on the fresh snow.

This picture seems untouchable.

The warmth of the sun heats the Earth, for a little while.

Little animals come out to play in the white powder.

Birds wrestle in the bare trees, turkeys scrounge around for food.

The evergreens, yet white with snow…

Sway in the wind, their needles playing with the pine cones.

It is midday by now… the sun is high but weak.

The animals now return to their caves, tunnels, and burrows… seeking shelter from the white snow that has begun to fall, again.

 Everything is hiding… keeping warm.

When night begins to fall… the golden sun turns to pink.

The beautiful clouds reflect its radiance… the snow is still falling,

And looks like powder puffs on the horizon.

A brilliant day is done.

By: Megan Anne


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I am From…

Thoughtful Thursday

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday post is a free verse poem written by my favorite twelve year old…


I am From…

I’m from hard work,
sports, and the Bible.
I’m from Ann and Dave, Herbert and Sally,
and Anne and Matt.
I’m from Sundays with
I’m a proud
Fishing with grandpa,
hiking, and swimming.
I’m from horses and
Sarcasm rules
my life.
I’m a swimmer, a runner,
 an animal lover,
and a basketball post.
I’m a farmer’s daughter,
who can hold her own.
Frogs, mud pies, and butterflies
spells out my childhood.
Cancer has darkened so many happy memories,
my grandpa is with GOD.
Pets have a special place in my
Cheeseburgers at the lake with friends,
Ketchup all over us.
Cracking open clams,
Finding a crawdad inside.
I’m from love and laughs,
Tears and regrets.
I’m from “Grace,” “Damn it,” and
 “Heaven Preserve Us”.
I’m from gardening with mom,
no allowance.
 I’m from shot guns, school work,
And books.
I’m from bruises, scars,
And sisters.
Trips… visiting
I’m from picking sweetcorn, climbing trees,
And falling off donkeys.
But most of all
I’m proud to live in small town U.S.A


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The Coerced Post: By Ashley Grace…

I have been ordered to sit down and write about my summer. I believe mom’s exact words were, “Tell our readers how a 13 year old Nebraska farm girl brainiac spends her summer.” So here it goes.

Kickin' it on the Thames River...

Kickin’ it on the Thames River…

I went to the UK with my Grandma in June. We spent five days in London.  While we were there, we visited Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, and the Greenwich Observatory, where the Prime Meridian is located!

Straddling the Prime Meridian in Greenwich...

Straddling the Prime Meridian in Greenwich…

I loved seeing the crown jewels and the burial place of Anne Boleyn and Kathryn Howard at the Tower. (I’m a history nerd!) Then we spent a day at Hampton Court Palace, a favorite castle of Henry VIII.

He might be even more serious than my Mom...

He might be even more serious than my Mom…

After that my grandma and I went to Salisbury and saw Stonehenge and Old Sarum, the village that was a predecessor to Salisbury. We also went to Salisbury Cathedral, which was built in just 30 years and houses a copy of the Magna Carta.  My grandma was really excited to see trout in the river Avon!

My favorite part of our visit to Canterbury was punting on the river Stour. We also went to the Cathedral and saw a lot of pretty stained glass. I loved going to Dover and walking on the white cliffs. I made my Grandma walk all the way down to the beach on the Channel and then back up!

Hurry up, Grandma!

Hurry up, Grandma!

This summer I also participated on swim team with my family. This year at Championships, the Gothenburg ~ Cozad team won, and I got first in the 100m freestyle!

The 100 Freestyle Champion!

The 100 Freestyle Champion!

This is my second summer running for the Cozad Cross Country 200 mile club. Last year I ran 250 miles over the summer. My mom didn’t let me run while I was in the UK, so I had to increase my daily mileage when I got back.  I hope I will make 200. Right now I am at 151.


Rackin’ in the miles…

Stonehenge: Whispers of the Past is a poem inspired by my trip to England.

Footsteps travel through ancient hills

With precision and ceremony that induce chills

Watching the sun rise behind pillars of rock

Set there by magic that has been wrought

We now speculate with science and math

What went down on that old path

How did they lift those pillars of glory

And what role did they play at England’s history

I have put two other new poems on my page, so check it out! Hope you enjoy and have a great rest of the summer!


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Ode to Earth Day…

Christmas 2012 072

Earth Day

Earth, our fragile island home,

Is in need of saving, that is known.

Millenniums of humans have taken a toll

So now we must fix the wrong we doled.

Earth Day reminds us of that time we borrowed.

Recycling and conserving are more imperative than ever to secure a tomorrow!

Ashley Grace


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Poetic Beauty…

My beautiful poet...

My beautiful poet…

A towering tree and skier speckle Mt. Werner

Loom over a pretty slope side corner.

Rivers cut through snowy scenes

Like icy cold ribbon seams.

Squirrels and magpies chatter nonstop

Until deer hooves go clip, clop.

The trees are covered in ice and snow

And in the moonlight they seem to glow.

Children laugh and throw snowballs

Then come inside to warm and get snow in the halls.

If you look hard enough, you may see

Moose eating down by the stream.

As a careful skier picks their way downhill,

A snow boarder whizzes past showing off mad skill.

Cozy little cabins with white snow trim

Say that our chances of wanting to come home are slim.

The beautiful mountains...

The beautiful mountains…


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The Call Of The Mountains…

A striking Wyoming mountain scene…

My parents bought a cabin in northwestern Wyoming about 10 years ago.  My dad’s lifelong dream was to retire to the trout streams of the Rocky Mountains, and this cabin made that dream a reality.  The laid back western pace and the neighborly community attitude are an added bonus to the many trout that my parents search for during the summer months.

Passing the dream down to future generations…

The girls and I go visit every summer, as I too feel the call of the beautiful Wyoming mountains.  We ride horses, hike trails, and fly fish for those elusive little creatures that live amongst the sparkling streams.  It is a time of joy for all of us as we experience the nature of our neighbors to the west.

The thrill of the catch…

The feel of fall and winter is in the Nebraska air.  We have already had our first snow, and Ashley Grace and I exercised calves and checked cattle last Sunday with a dawn temperature of 17 degrees.  In honor of the passing season of summer, I want to share a poem that Ashley Grace wrote about Wyoming.

Inspiring beauty…

This mountain’s floor

is heaven’s door

with pretty flowers

and nice rain showers

a bubbling brook

runs through a nook

of a mountain scene

that could be a dream.

My fledgling poet…


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Corn Harvest…

In the spring we plant the seed with the hope of moisture, sun light and growth…

With a bit of grace from God, combined with a bit of help to control the weeds…

It grows through the summer months…

We water it with sprinklers when the rains do not come…

Or on some fields we use gravity flow irrigation through pipes instead…

All while protecting our natural resources so that they can provide for our family and for you…

It grows to be taller than my “Ivy League Farmer”, and makes seeds and fiber which will nourish both us and our animals…

In the fall, the plant dies and we harvest its spoils…

The Golden Jewel of the Midwest…

A combine harvests the Jewel…

Tall, Strong, Golden

They sway,

in the wind.

Farmer’s pride

Combine time

harvest season is here.

The corn is picked

leaving bare, desolate fields.

Until next summer,

I bid you well, O Corn

the Midwest’s Jewel.

Poem by Ashley Grace


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Friday Fun With Megan…

“Horses” by Megan Anne Burkholder


I like them.

Ask me why.

Because they help me rope and ride!

Because they fly like the sky!

Because they take me in and say everything will be OK!

Because they stand on command,

Because they roam a wild prairie, free like wildfire…FREE as can be!

Because they walk slow and steady.

Because they run swiftly through newly fallen snow!

Because they are sleek, light beautiful creatures of Mother Earth!




That’s why I like Horses!

Happy Trails!


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