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Dawn Through Megan’s Camera Lens…


My cowboy is on vacation this week, so my favorite blonde cowgirl and I started the week by checking cattle at the feed yard Sunday morning.  The following set of pictures is:

Dawn through Megan’s Camera Lens…


Dawn is my favorite time at the feed yard.  As Megan took pictures of the morning glory, I could feel my dad smiling down on us. 

His “four wheel drive” girl and his camera — a good combination…


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Gold and Blue…

Thoughtful Thursday


Cattle are great recyclers:  turning the remnants of last year’s corn crop into beef to nourish each one of us…

The striking contrast between the gold of the corn stalk stubble and the blue of the winter sky is my favorite combination of colors

— it was also one of my dad’s favorite —


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Thoughtful Thursday…

Dad and Karyn searching for the elusive trout while a loyal four legged friend stands guard...

Dad and Karyn searching for the elusive trout while a loyal four legged friend stands guard…

My dad loved to take pictures.  He viewed it as a challenge and enjoyed playing with his camera as he explored hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.  After he passed away last fall, my mom gave me his camera.  I have spent the winter trying to work on my photography skills.

In order to inspire me to continue to strive for excellence with my camera savvy as well as giving all of you a chance to experience some “less verbose” Feed Yard Foodie Posts, I am going to try a series of Thoughtful Thursday’s this spring.  The goal of these posts is to provide each of you with an inspiring thought while also capturing a snapshot of the natural beauty that exists on my farm.

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday!


A farmer defines success by the health of her animals, the care of her land, and their beautiful marriage which results in her gift of food to those in need.

The Feed Yard Foodie


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