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Anne’s Summer Time Meatloaf…

One of my favorite summer time dishes is meatloaf made with garden fresh tomatoes.  I never seem to make it exactly the same twice, but it seems to always taste fabulous!IMG_3943

Needs: Sliced tomatoes, ground beef, one egg, stove top stuffing, shake and bake parmesan crusted seasoning

IMG_3930Slice the tomatoes, then blend the egg with the hamburger and shake and bake seasoning

IMG_3934Layer half of the hamburger, a first layer of stuffing, the tomatoes, a second layer of stuffing, and then the rest of the hamburger. Bake in a 350 degree oven for an hour

IMG_3947I served it with fresh sweet corn from one of our fields.


It was almost as awesome as the double rainbow that appeared over the feed yard recently!


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