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Celebrating 21 years…

Today my favorite farmer and I celebrate 21 years of marriage. I’d like to deny that I am old enough to celebrate such a milestone, but when I look at my daughters it’s pretty difficult to dispute the facts šŸ˜‰

Matt and I met at Dartmouth College the fall of 1993 and said “I do” in June of 1996. We spent a year on the East Coast before making the decision to move back to the family farm in Nebraska the summer of 1997. I often claim that the three girls in the above picture are my greatest blessing, but likely a better statement is that the family that we all make together is our greatest blessing.

At age 21, I had no idea what the future would bring the day that Matt slipped the ring on my finger; but I recognized that honoring the gift of our love would provide the basis of the life that we would build together. I tell my girls that the road to excellence isn’t meant to be comfortable. Rather, excellence is about reaching above and beyond your capabilities in order to accomplish far more than your dreams.Ā That statement provides a perfect description of our marriage.

  • TheĀ roadĀ is often bumpy.
  • The bumps can make itĀ uncomfortableĀ at times; butĀ there isĀ joy to be found in the journey of togetherness.

Matt has taught me that no matter what you can accomplish alone, accomplishing thingsĀ togetherĀ is what makes life meaningful. Being a team creates the needed strength to turn uncomfortable into joyful success. WeĀ are devoted to each other — finding strength in the togetherness that transforms the wedding day into a life-long partnership. We work hard for each other, always striving to honor the gift of our love.

Today I count my blessings as I look back with pride on the last 21 years, while also looking forward to next 21 šŸ™‚






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15 Years and Counting..It just felt right.

As I look back at my life, I am always amazed at how the pieces came together and unfolded…Ā  It is almost as if my life has been a series of well timed building blocks that stacked one upon the other.

If I had not had scoliosis, would I have become a nationally ranked swimmer?

If I had not become a nationally ranked swimmer, would I have been accepted to matriculate at Dartmouth College?

If I had not attended Dartmouth, would I have ever met my “farm boy” from Nebraska?

If I had not ever met my farm both from Nebraska, what path would my life have taken?

He's been my soul mate for more than half of my life...

Without him, I most certainly would NOT have had the opportunity to manage a cattle feed yard in Central Nebraska!

I am nostalgic today because last week I wrote an essay on how Matt and I met and our subsequent love story.Ā  Matt’s and my story will be included in a book entitled So… How Did You Meet Anyway? by Susan Amestoy.Ā  Susan found me via “Feed Yard Foodie”, and asked me to contribute Matt’s and my story to her collection.Ā  My essay is featuring on her blog site this week, and can be found at:


The essay is entitled “It Just Felt Right” and it is the September 10th post on her blog site.Ā  It warmed my heart to write the essay and hopefully it will warm yours to read it!Ā  Happy Monday!

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Fifteen years and countingā€¦an unusual anniversary gift.

June 15, 1996

On June 15, 1996 I awoke in my bed in South Florida and headed to the beach for a run.Ā  It was my wedding day, and since I never had been one to spend a lot of time with hair and makeup it seemed like a good way to start the day.Ā  I was young, I was in love, and I was excited to build a life with my soon to be husband.

On June 15, 2011 I awoke in my bed in Cozad Nebraska and made the short drive to the feedyard to ā€œread bunksā€ at 6:00am.Ā  The day came in the middle of a very challenging week for me as my cowboy was on vacation and my foreman was away from work due to back problems.Ā  With only four of us at the feedyard, it is pretty tough when half of the crew is gone.

A "horseback" view while riding pens...

It had rained the night before, so I needed to scoop some excess water out of a few of the feedbunks that did not drain properly.Ā  I also needed to get the feedtruck running, ride pens checking cattle, and rush back to town to coach swim team over the noon hour.Ā  My afternoon was packed full as well because we were shipping cattle to harvest.Ā  It was pretty obvious to me that I needed a little bit of extra help.Ā  So what did I do?

An unusual, but much needed anniversary gift...

I called my husband, Matt.Ā  He knew that I was exhausted and had told me the night before that he would do anything that he could to help me out.Ā  Ten minutes later, armed with a scoop shovel, Matt showed up at the feedyard (by the way, its only 6:20am).Ā  It took him about 45 minutes of scooping to get my feedbunks cleared out. As soon as he was finished he headed off to the fields to begin his ā€œregularā€ day as a farmer.

I had checked about 10 pens of cattle before I remembered that it was our anniversaryā€¦

Well, at least he had not remembered either!

As I finished riding pens and checking cattle, I thought about how blessed I was to have Matt.Ā  I thought about how proud I was of the life and the family that we had built together over the last 15 years.Ā  I thought about how appropriate it was that Mattā€™s 15 year wedding anniversary gift to me had been rolling up his sleeves and running a scoop shovel.

Matt is my partner in every sense of the wordā€”he is my rock that I can always count onā€”he is my sunshineā€”he is my best friend.Ā  The last fifteen years have been an incredibly journey for me, and Matt is at the center of that journey.Ā  We have been enormously blessed, and we have also been incredibly challenged.Ā  Through it all, we have always been together, moving forward as a team, and giving our best.

I got home to find that our three daughters had made us a chocolate cake to celebrate our anniversary as well as gotten us flowers to decorate our dinner table.Ā  With tears in my eyes, I

My thoughtful daughters who make me so proud.

knew that life didnā€™t get any better than that.

The flowers that the girls got for us...


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