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The Daphne Islands and Bahia Ballena Bay…

I over heard my favorite 16 year old tell a friend, “We are the Burkholder family.  We do not go on vacation to relax, we go to learn.”  The utter truth to this statement made me laugh. 

One of my father-in-law’s missions on the trip was to see the Daphne Islands.  Viewing where Darwin had his “lightbulb” moment has long been on his bucket list.



My Father-In-Law studying the Daphne Islands…

In later years, biological researchers Peter and Rosemary Grant spent decades studying finches looking for keys to the science of evolution.  These isolated islands provided a perfectly pristine place for research, and we circled them in boats looking at the beautiful bird inhabitants.







Later, we traveled by boat to the Enchanted Beach in Bahia Ballena Bay.  Here we saw a pair of sea turtles mating as well as the tracks of other female turtles on the beach where they traveled to lay their eggs.


The mating sea turtles can be seen in the middle right of the picture…


This afternoon proved to be the favorite time of the trip for all three of my girls demonstrating that the Burkholder learning gene runs true 🙂 

You can't change "ornery"...

You can’t change “ornery”…

While the girls obviously enjoyed playing in the water by the Enchanted Beach, the science and history held a fascination for them as well.  As for me, it was a wonderful time for me to play with my camera capturing the beauty as well as the memories.


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