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I am From…

Thoughtful Thursday

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday post is a free verse poem written by my favorite twelve year old…


I am From…

I’m from hard work,
sports, and the Bible.
I’m from Ann and Dave, Herbert and Sally,
and Anne and Matt.
I’m from Sundays with
I’m a proud
Fishing with grandpa,
hiking, and swimming.
I’m from horses and
Sarcasm rules
my life.
I’m a swimmer, a runner,
 an animal lover,
and a basketball post.
I’m a farmer’s daughter,
who can hold her own.
Frogs, mud pies, and butterflies
spells out my childhood.
Cancer has darkened so many happy memories,
my grandpa is with GOD.
Pets have a special place in my
Cheeseburgers at the lake with friends,
Ketchup all over us.
Cracking open clams,
Finding a crawdad inside.
I’m from love and laughs,
Tears and regrets.
I’m from “Grace,” “Damn it,” and
 “Heaven Preserve Us”.
I’m from gardening with mom,
no allowance.
 I’m from shot guns, school work,
And books.
I’m from bruises, scars,
And sisters.
Trips… visiting
I’m from picking sweetcorn, climbing trees,
And falling off donkeys.
But most of all
I’m proud to live in small town U.S.A


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Poetic Beauty…

My beautiful poet...

My beautiful poet…

A towering tree and skier speckle Mt. Werner

Loom over a pretty slope side corner.

Rivers cut through snowy scenes

Like icy cold ribbon seams.

Squirrels and magpies chatter nonstop

Until deer hooves go clip, clop.

The trees are covered in ice and snow

And in the moonlight they seem to glow.

Children laugh and throw snowballs

Then come inside to warm and get snow in the halls.

If you look hard enough, you may see

Moose eating down by the stream.

As a careful skier picks their way downhill,

A snow boarder whizzes past showing off mad skill.

Cozy little cabins with white snow trim

Say that our chances of wanting to come home are slim.

The beautiful mountains...

The beautiful mountains…


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