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I’ve missed the last several Wednesday’s due to traveling and a bout with the stomach flu, but wanted to share some thoughts this weekend. I guess we can pretend that it’s Wednesday 😉

Inspiration this week comes from Jesus’ words found in the Gospel of Mark 10: 6-9

“But God made them male and female from the beginning of creation. This explains why a man leaves his father and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one. Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together.”

I met my favorite farmer when I was 18. I’d been at Dartmouth College about six weeks when our paths crossed, and I knew when I saw him that he was the one that God intended for me to spend my life with. That was 29 years ago. We began our life together in New Hampshire, but moved to the farm in Nebraska about a year after we were married. The “city girl from Florida” didn’t really know what to expect from farm life, but God did and He placed me well 😊

I believe that Matt and I have tended to each other over the years. We’ve had our share of hard times and made mistakes that resulted in wrong turns. But, we’ve loved each other through all of those moments with the loyalty and perseverance that comes from our Heavenly Father. That has been the foundation of our family, our farm, and our ability to serve all those whom Jesus brings into our lives. For a long time, I simply lived. Today, I am better able to sit back and celebrate all of the Holy Moments that God has used us to create.

Celebrating isn’t something that comes naturally to me. Honestly, I’d rather put in the work than celebrate the results. I guess that’s just the way that God made me. But, Matt steadfastly continues to teach me that taking a moment to honor and commemorate is important. So, we started talking about taking a 25th anniversary trip. We were married in June of 1996, in the middle of hay season on the farm… So, like good farmers, we went back to work two days after our wedding and took our honeymoon over the coming winter 😊 It seemed fitting to place our trip 25 years after that instead of our actual wedding date.

I was raised on the beach, with sand in between my toes and the sound of the ocean waves calming my heart. I don’t get to experience that much on the farm in Nebraska, so we left the prairie to spend a view days in the tropics of the Virgin Islands. It was a wonderful trip and God blessed us as we celebrated ❤️

The sunrise off Point Udall, Caribbean Sea.

And, today I am thankful for the ability to celebrate and for the God that brings us together to do life.


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Celebrating Success…

In the spirit of a little bit of friendly competition, all 21 Progressive Beef Certified Feed Yards are ranked twice a year according to how they scored on their last audit.  I have always held a particular fondness for being the best, so my crew and I embraced the challenge.


Last night we celebrated our victory with a steak dinner.  One of the things that I love best about my crew is that we are like a big family.  Work at the feed yard isn’t simply work, but rather it is a special part of our lives that we share with our families.


My favorite farmer cooked New York Strip steaks on the Traeger grill…


I whipped up one casserole of cheesy potatoes, and another of green beans…


My favorite blondes made a chocolate layer cake to top off the meal…

We enjoyed a great night of fellowship as our children and grandchildren played basketball, ran around the yard, and said hello to the horses — cats — and dog.


It is nice to take time to share with those most important to you…

To say thank you for hard work and loyalty…

To appreciate the blessings that fill our lives…


And MOST especially to revel in the knowledge that we make an AWESOME team!


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