Ashley Grace’s Corner

I am a seventeen year old animal lover.  Cats are my favorite, although I like dogs and chickens as well.  When I am not playing with and caring for my animals, I prefer to spend  my time reading, reading, and reading some more…I also like to write.  You can find my blog posts and essays in the topic “Ashley Grace’s Corner” on the right side of the home page.  My poems are listed below.

My mom manages a cattle feed yard and likes to pontificate about cattle and the beef that they make.  When my mom is out caring for her cattle, I take charge at home as I am more organized than my dad and my sisters.  I hope that you enjoy my posts and eat lots of great tasting and healthy beef.AGPasture2.jpg

Thoughts from my trip to England—

Stonehenge: Whispers of the Past…

Footsteps travel through ancient hills

With precision and ceremony that induce chills

Watching the sun rise behind pillars of rock

Set there by magic that has been wrought

We now speculate with science and math

What went down on that old path

How did they life those tall pillars of glory

And what role did they play in England’s history?

Straddling the Prime Meridian...

Straddling the Prime Meridian…

Crossroads of the World

I’ve stood on the Equator in Kenya

With lions and rhinos and a hyena

In Greenwich the Prime Meridian was tamer

But not in the least bit lamer

Now I need to fly to the sea

And then float down prettily

To where the two lines meet

That’s the auspicious place I seek!

Canterbury Cathedral...

Canterbury Cathedral…


Stone steeples, bells rise to the sky

Go up in the tower to watch the world fly by

The windows are in beautiful stained glass

Bringing in colored light for Mass

Rich, dead people lie in tombs

Courtyards with flowers bursting in bloom

The Magna Carta is in Salisbury

While Thomas Beckett’s in Canterbury…

The White Cliffs of Dover...

The White Cliffs of Dover…

Love and Pollution

Love and Pollution; very different, right?

But think of these facts I shall bring to light

Both have burning, of passion and fossil fuels,

Which are dangerous, flammable tools.

Love, when done wrong, can be quite dirty

Like pollution itself to those in the spurning.

Yet we need the two,

For sparkling eyes and food.

Without pollution, we’d be in the dark

Though love could guide us with its bright burning spark.

Sure there’s ways to make energy without pollution

But that’s our way of life since the Industrial Revolution.

In short, love and pollution are alike

Burning, churning, love can make things all right

For a bit.  Though still the world catches up

With pollution and all that bad stuff.


Flowing like a river

Flying like a dove

A song’s melody pours out

Like sunshine from heaven above


Along the horizon

Stretches brilliant artwork

Done by the fairies

That hide at dusk.

They paint and draw

With the sky as a canvas

New works every morning

Their beauty is endless.

They work all night

So we can enjoy

The beauty each morn

Of sunrises galore.
School Daze

The patter of footsteps

The dring of bells

The chorus of voices

The drone of the teacher, as well.

The sighing of students

The endless work

The detentions, the lectures

I think I’ll uncork.

The end of the day

The enormous relief

The possibilities are great that

We’ll go home and sleep.

Fueled by beef–I keep getting faster! 2nd place finish at the Minden Invitational with a 6:00 mile time. Catch me if you can!

Fueled by beef! Ashley Grace as a top 10 finisher in the Broken Bow middle school Cross Country meet!


Cats are cuddly,

Fun and cute…

They like to party,

And raise the roof!


Horses Rock

Horses Rule

Step Away

Magnam might drool!


Playing and joking in the sun,

Laughing till the day is done.

Fun and laughter, oh a treat

Isn’t family so, so sweet!


DI: Destination Imagination

Creativity and Teamwork are the key

To suceeding in this brainiac spree…

You act and write and build your dreams

And you find out if you are as smart as it seems…


Ashley Grace pulling ahead to win the 800 meter

Fueled by Beef!

I run and jump as far as I can,

I lift off high and land in the sand…

I run hearing Mommy cheering for me

“Finish Strong!”, “Come on Ashley!”

Fueled by beef, I win the race

Hurray! I won 1st Place!

Oceans of Secrets

Oceans lapping at the shore
Wipe away all spoilt memoir
Back and forth,
The rising tide
In its depths
Secrets hide…

Fishy Foo Foo

Little fishy foo foo
You won’t be dinner

I promise you…
I don’t lie
I’ll tell you why
Just bite my fly!

A Patchwork Quilt

A patchwork quilt is like a story
of somebody’s life
It shows the thoughtfulness, joy, and strife
It has different colors and pieces of mind
A true patchwork quilt is hard to find

Natural Beauty

Flowers, flowers everywhere
A daisy chain in my hair
Butterflies flit to and fro
I try to catch them and

21 responses to “Ashley Grace’s Corner

  1. Keep up the good work Ashley Grace. Love your writings.
    Tell your Mom, Hi from me and and horse herd! Especially your friends Cisco and Dolly.
    Happy trails,

  2. Carol Ingram

    I love this, Anne. Very informative.


  3. This is very nice, Ashley! I’ll look for more! I hope you’ll share other photos of yourself, too.

  4. Cassidy Ryan

    Hi Ashley,
    The writings were WONDERFUL!! Thanks for telling me to check out the site!! Keep up all the wonderful, amazing, and astounding writings! YOU DO THEM THE BEST!! 🙂

    Cassidy Ryan

  5. Jordyn Hilyard

    Hey Ashley Grace,
    Thanks for showing me the website, I like it.
    Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see more!


  6. Sadie Rush

    Hey!!! I love this website! Your writings are wonderful…. you are the next
    “Edgar Allen Poe!!” (You know that he is a poet, right!!??) You should write a book one day. Thanks for showing me this website!!


  7. Kaitlyn Ryan

    Dear Ashley,
    WOW!!! I really had no idea you had these writings in you. Well, anyway, keep up the amazing work, you have the type of mind that can get you to do anything! Just keep doing what you do BEST!…… but i guess there’s a lot of things you do amazing!!!!
    Your Friend,
    Kaitlyn Ryan

  8. Kenna Berreckman

    Great poems AGB! I want more! I’ll have to ask my mom to make a blog! Keep posting! -Kenna J.B.

  9. Melissa Estrada

    Hey Ashley I love your writings. Thanks for tellin me to check this website .It’s great.Hope you post more poems!

  10. Kaitlyn Thomas

    Ashley your a good writer love the poems

  11. Sally Gibson

    Ashley Grace, Your poems show your many interests. You capture life in NE, flyfishing and th ewild flowers WY, the tides and the vastness of the ocean in FL, and the folk art of quilting. You have a wonderful ability to express yourself. Uncle Terry, a professional writer, and I, a high school English teacher, are very proud of you. Keep the good work coming.
    Love, Grandma

  12. Melissa Estrada

    Ashley I love yourr poems. You should be a poet.
    I would never be able to write things like that.
    Anyway keep up the good work.

  13. Ann Burkholder

    Loved your poems…as your other English teacher grandmother, you misspelled reckoned.

  14. Karen Berreckman

    I loved your DI and track poems, two of my favorite things! Keep writing, creating, running and jumping!

  15. Carol Ingram

    VERY creative ideas, Ashley you and your family are awesome.
    love Tehya ,Meg’s bud

  16. Jess Clowser

    Ashley Grace,

    So proud of you for your amazing poems! Keep up the good work! Are you still keeping an eye on the cats at the feedyard? Make sure you keep Doug in line!

  17. Dustin Favinger


    I just read your essay on you wrote for the VFW. All I can say is WOW. I sure hope that my kids are half as talented as you are. I hope that you realize your abilities academically and will continue to share those with us through writing more!

    Mr. Favinger

  18. Michelle McCall

    Ashley Grace,

    I’m afraid to write something for fear that your English teaching grandmother and your uncle Terry will check my punctuation or something!

    I love your little corner and your beautiful poetry. Remember too your Uncle Wally is a published poet!

    Sending you love from Florida and wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

  19. Linda Nepper

    What wonderful poetry…what a wonderful gift to share…I know you and your GrMa Sally had a wonderful trip together this summer. Thanks for sharing the photos. She and your GrPa are so proud of you and your sisters. We are longtime friends from the 1970s from Iowa. Keep reading, writing, and running… and loving those pets! I’ll be checking in from time to time! 🙂

  20. LOVE your poetry! You know, when I taught English, I always read poems my kids wrote, but I never required them to write one, simply because then I would have to put a grade on it, and one person’s poetry might be another person’s “gobbltygoop” (a word introduced to me by a wonderful professor). Keep on writing and exploring your world through words. After visiting Stonehenge the first time, I picked up the book, SARUM, to read a bit more about it. It is a work of fiction, but it was a good read for the flavor and one person’s idea of what it would have been like during Stonehenge’s first years so long ago.

  21. Noemi

    Ashley Grace, I knew your mom and was an athlete/student with her in high school. She always worked hard and did her best at everything she tackled, academics and every race we took on… I am happy to have known her and find this blog. I wish you the best and appreciate this blog and encourage you to run your race so to speak and be you to the best of your ability. It’s clear you are already rocking it!!! Love, Noemi A

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