A visitor to the farm…

Wednesday Wisdom 🙂

Inspiration this week comes from the Gospel of John as Jesus addresses the first disciples: John 1: 35-50

In these 15 verses, Jesus invites the first disciples multiple times to

“Come and see” and “Come, follow me”.

We had a fun visitor last week on the farm. Ashley Grace’s boyfriend bravely ventured to Central Nebraska for a few days before heading back to Notre Dame for the fall semester 🙂 It was great fun to introduce him to life on the farm. We visited our fall calves on the grass pasture, our yearlings on feed at a local feedyard, and toured the crop farm and alfalfa dehydration plant. In addition to “farm stuff”, we had a wonderful time hiking and messing around at the lake. Luke learned to water ski and knee board, and Matt was super excited to have another man in the house for a few days! We are so thankful that he wanted to come and see where Ashley Grace grew up.

We’ve had a lot of visitors to the farm in the 25 years since Matt and I moved back to the prairie. My social media work regarding cattle and welfare tended to bring us quite a few extras in addition to the regular flow of friends and family that wanted to come and see the farm where the city girl from Florida landed after college. If I had to choose five words to describe our lives, they would be: rewarding, purposeful, busy, all encompassing, and challenging. I don’t know if we effectively communicate that to all our visitors, but I hope that we offer a friendly glimpse into the care, team work and intentionality that goes into working the land and caring for God’s creation.

I love the Gospel of John. The imagery, depth, and foundational truth found in the first chapter is both beautiful and amazing. I pulled short quotes above to highlight, but I would truly encourage reading the entire chapter. In verses 35-50, I think it is really interesting how Jesus called visitors to become disciples. His invitations strike me as both genuine and humble in nature. Jesus waits until they curiously seek. Then, the Messiah, the Son of Man, the stairway between heaven and earth, casually asks them to “come and experience”.

Every time that I read those verses, I am awed at the naturalness of the words. They are issued without the weight of guilt, without the distrust of an outsider, and without the component of impatience that I often find in myself. Jesus was so neighborly. One of them, Andrew, not only decides to come and see but to go and get his brother Simon (Peter) so that he can also share in the experience. Two others additionally accept the invitation when Jesus asks them to not just come and see, but also to follow.

In the midst of these interactions, Jesus gives them purpose, builds them up with praise, and promises both truth and hope as they prepare to journey together. The psychology major and “coach” in me just marvels at how easily Jesus turns visitors into family.

Sometimes I can be a stubborn and slow learner, but I hope that I continue to evolve into a more gracious and natural host. I pray that I allow Jesus to soften my heart and the Holy Spirit to guide my actions so that visitors can feel accepted and valued when God brings them into my life. Ultimately, I strive to be a disciple – to not just come and see, but also to follow in order to lead others. Together, we can persevere in faith on our journey into the arms of Christ 🙂


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6 responses to “A visitor to the farm…

  1. Becky Saddler

    Anne, your words are so poignant. I feel your genuine charm and warmth in your writings today. You have always been gracious. I would also believe you would be a great host on your farm. Just imagine – another life touched, not only by farm life, but by Jesus!

    • Thank you Becky ❤️ I truly appreciate hearing from you each time that I post. I have been praying for you all as you start your “new life” of retirement. Thinking of you and your family today 😊


  2. Slow learner? Since when?

  3. It would be very nice to see your farm. What state is it in? Do you have so many animals? I follow a lot of farm blogs and would love to see her. I live in Italy, near Venice, I have animals, dogs, cats and chickens, but we don’t have a farm, even if this is my husband’s dream. Many greetings and hugs. You are a beautiful couple. 🤗🤗🤗

  4. I can’t believe Ashley Grace is old enough to have a serious boyfriend in college. It seems like yesterday we were taking about her wanting chickens and I was filling you in on stuff about them. She is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. You have raised her right and I ma sure you are proud of her. Glad to see you still blogging. Hope the whole family is doing well.

  5. Roger Hunt

    I just spent a good deal of time touching and pecking a rather lengthy response to your latest FYF post and before I could share it, I lost it 🤮. So I thought I’d try texting it. Its format is usually more friendly to me. This is a copy of that text

    I always enjoy your posts and the way you are able to marry your family life experiences with your spirituality. You have such a great writing gift that I feel insufficient to share my thoughts and feelings, but I’ll try.

    You and Matt have always been such great hosts to me. A few years back when I showed up on your door step you immediately welcomed me and made me feel like family. I feel badly that I am unable to share some time with you all now. But that may be a blessing, your life being so busy.

    Just know that I think of your family often and may you co
    ntinue to recieve
    nothing but big and little blessings. ❤

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