The Draw…

Wednesday Wisdom 🙂

Scripture for today’s Wednesday Wisdom comes from Luke 6: 19

“Everyone tried to touch him, because healing power went out from him, and he healed everyone.”

The New Testament is full of stories that demonstrate the power of Jesus’s draw. His heart, full of unconditional love, worked as a magnet toward many. Two things happened on the farm this week that caused me to further focus my thoughts on the concept of the draw.

  1. I attended an educational summit on low stress cattle handling put on by the PAC Veterinary Consultants
  2. I took a group of yearling steers from the Lazy YN Ranch to our spring grass pasture by Willow Island, NE.

As a cattle handling tool, the draw acts like a magnet — inspiring movement toward something meaningful. The draw pulls cattle in a certain direction in an orderly and calm fashion. It provides an incredibly effective tool when you need to move your animals from one place to another.

Creating the draw takes a little bit of homework because it serves as an inspiration for cooperation rather than a forceful submission. I want my animals to naturally follow my leadership because this is how we are able to create a harmonious partnership on the farm. It takes trust and understanding, as well as patience and empathy.

While it is likely a bit unorthodox, I tend to draw parallels from being a cattle caregiver into my own faith. Just as I lead my animals, God leads me. He draws me in as we travel the journey together. It is a natural draw that inspires my cooperation rather than a forceful submission. As I abide in Him, we are able to move forward together.

My “cattle trail” is not a perfectly straight line, as I falter at times, but the draw seems to always bring me back. One of the things that fascinates me the most about the New Testament stories of Jesus’s draw is his ability use goodness to draw others into faith. Luke reminds us that everyone wanted to touch Jesus because of his healing power. That healing power was not just a physical one — rather it was one that also touched the soul.

  • Have you ever come in contact with someone who radiates joy?
  • Is there someone who consistently brightens your day and inspires you to mature in your perspective?

None of us are blessed on earth with the ability to physically touch Jesus, but we can receive His love and guidance through our relationship with the Holy Spirit as well as other people that we meet along the journey.

Perhaps we can all receive healing as we share God’s love together.

There is no greater gift than love.

There is no greater draw than the joy and hope that come from living in faith.


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3 responses to “The Draw…

  1. Roger Hunt

    Another great post, Anne. I find your parallels with being a cattle caregiver very helpful. I can really relate to your experiences and it helps me to better reflect on your spiritual message. I particularly like the concept of the “draw” of a cattle caregiver and of Jesus’s draw of unconditional love. Your videos also help me to see the message better because I am a very visual person.

    I do believe it is our purpose to draw people to God and each other with an Agape Love. Your messages help me to get back on track.

    I had a thought this morning, that you should plan to prepare a book of your Wednesday Wisdom posts. I don’t know when that would be (there could be a new volume for each year) but you can start thinking about it now so it won’t take so long to get out. My ride to the sunset is getting shorter, ya know. 🙂

    • Thank you, Roger 🙂 I am glad that my writings are helpful to you and I continue to try get better at the visuals. “Words” are my comfort zone — the videos and visuals still challenge me.

      I actually would really like to write a book some day. The exact topic/time frame hasn’t really cemented in my mind at this point; but it is on my radar screen. “The ride to the sunset” is a beautiful place to be — I always tell my kids that there is great joy and beauty in the entire rainbow, not just the pot gold that you find at the end!

      Your Sandhill Cranes are still here — apparently the weather is bad enough that they figure it isn’t prudent to keep heading north….Nevertheless, I enjoy watching them and am thankful that they are still calling Nebraska home 🙂

      Take care,

      • Roger Hunt

        Yes I’ve been following the migration and they are hanging longer and I was afraid of missing them. ☺ Quite unusual for that many to be hanging on…..but I think nature guided by God probably knows best.

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