Wednesday Wisdom…

Today kicks off my new series, “Wednesday Wisdom” 🙂

I plan to spend the rest of the winter sharing a favorite bible quote each week along with how life on the farm reinforces the lesson that I find in the words. I hope that this will help you all to better understand how faith changes my heart as well as the role that it plays for farmers as we make our way along the journey of using God’s gift of natural resources in order to grow food.

Today’s quote can be found in Paul’s letter to Galatians Chapter 6:2-3.

“Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ. If you think you are too important to help someone, you are only fooling yourself. You are not that important.”

I find Paul’s bluntness incredibly refreshing. Of the many lessons that I’ve learned on the farm, I believe the most important is the art of sharing responsibility. The list of daily chores gets long, and most are vital to the wellbeing of our animals. When you fully embrace the responsibility of being an animal caregiver, taking pride in completing chores well becomes the norm. Learning to work as a team not only increases efficiency, but also brings joy to the day as sharing a burden lightens it — not just in a physical way but also in an emotional way.

A constant supply of fresh water helps to ensure good health with cattle, so cleaning and checking water tanks lives somewhere near the top of the chore list. I’ve been known to tell my favorite blonde cowgirl that washing water tanks builds character. She’s been known to reply that her character cup is overflowing 😉

In all honesty, washing water tanks is not fun. It’s a hot, sweaty job in the summer and a bone chilling cold one in the winter — and bending over to scrub is always hard on your back. However, there is honor to be found in the task because it fulfills a basic animal need. Sharing the burden of the chore sets everyone up for success.

The Progressive Beef management program that all of our feed yards operate by requires regular water tank cleaning. It’s a big deal — and something that I am particular about as an animal welfare specialist. Clean water is just that important. One of our feed yards has a really awesome water tank cleaning plan. Once a week, the entire crew divides the feed yard into groups of pens and each crew member goes out after lunch to clean their assigned water tanks. Every member of the team (including the manager) washes tanks, sharing the chore in order to reduce any one team member’s individual burden.

To me, this is a beautiful example of how we implement God’s teachings on the farm. Everyone contributes to complete the common goal of providing for our animals. No one is too important to help, no matter how mundane the task. Humility blends with strength to bring honor to the journey 🙂



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4 responses to “Wednesday Wisdom…

  1. Roger Hunt

    I love your post today on so many different levels. The most obvious is that it shares how you incorporate your faith into your daily life.

    Second, it shares some of the details of Progresive Beef’s protocols, how to maintain healthy clean water for cattle in a feedlot/contained management system. I am anxious to see more of the protocols.

    Third, it reinforces the idea that each job (not just in caring for cattle) has it’s worth/dignity.

    Forth, it reinforces the fact that we are all part of a greater “whole”. We are all God’s children with a purpose, none greater than the other.

    And, as always, it causes me to reflect on my own life/experiences and to see what I can do to improve. Thanks for all that you share! ☺

    • Thank you, Roger! I like it on all of those levels as well 🙂 I am very appreciative of the help and support that you offer to me!

      I hope that some of our sunshine heads to Iowa so that you and Abe can have a good walk today! After many days of cold, it looks like Central Nebraska is in for an absolutely gorgeous day. Theodore and I are going to celebrate with a run outside this afternoon 🙂


  2. theranchwifechronicles

    I love your wording ” When you fully embrace the responsibility of being an animal caregiver, taking pride in completing chores well becomes the norm.” Some days it’s not so easy to fully embrace chores. Those days I look deeper to find gratitude.

    So, the water tank issue. Last year’s calf crop had a bad habit of depositing in one of the automatic waterers. Usually J is the one that gets his hands wet, but I hold the float up help scrub. Moral support!

    This fall the same waterer was getting dirty, but there was no deposit in it. It took me several days (and cleaning out the waterer by myself a couple times) to figure out that we had raccoons playing in the waterer. I was feeding 2 heifers for the freezer and the coons came by at night to clean up the corn the heifers dropped. Uncle Doug made me a cover to put on the waterer and I found 2 cinder blocks to hold it down.

    The joys of ranch wife life!

    • Love it! What a great story 😊. Life is always an adventure.

      Thank you for always having great things to share. I’m sorry I was slow to find your note as it brought a smile to my day!

      Take care!


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