What Fuels You On the Journey?

25 years ago…

Sunday morning, just as the sun popped over the horizon, I logged in my 500th mile running since deciding to compete in the Good Life Halfsy October 29th in Lincoln, NE.

500 miles is a long way…
Farther than the width of the state of Nebraska – Similar to traveling from NYC to Cleveland…

I decided to keep a journal of my training as a bit of a whim. I figured that looking back on my swimming and running cross training for the race would be meaningful. More than four months into the journey, I am very glad that I did. Not because I plan to do it exactly the same way the next time, but because it gives me insight into the journey of peace that I embarked upon last June.

For the first time in my life, I trained not for time but as a means to regain my mental and spiritual health.

I’ve logged in more than 500 miles never wearing a watch. I never missed it because my pace was superfluous — I set out not to regain the athletic status of my youth, rather, to regain balance in my life. In less than two weeks, I will cross the starting line packing my faith to compete with grace. I know that what I accomplish on that day pales in comparison to what I have found running the gravel roads — watching the sun rise — and finding a deep sense of rightness in my life.

Somewhere along the way, I learned that my faith could be stronger than my fear. I found joy, peace, and inspiration as I opened my heart and refocused on what is most important in my life. I will cross the finish line with the knowledge that life is a journey.

That I am stronger than I ever imagined and that hope is the muscle that fuels faith.

I remember when I moved to the farm in June of 1997, I laughed to Matt that I traded flip flops for cowboy boots. Over the last four months, I have learned that my perspective on life is healthier if I also add in a pair of running shoes in order to fuel myself with some quiet time in the presence of God.

The blessings are numerous — we only have to look to see them.

Where did you see God today?


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4 responses to “What Fuels You On the Journey?

  1. What a wonderful post. I need to find my “something”, my way to connect. I think running would be good – for the mind, body & heart, although I’m having a hard time finding that motivation to “get up & get started”. It’s been years- an injury, love, new beginnings, marriage, 2 sons, move ot the farm, life – since I last ran & enjoyed it.
    Maybe I need to think of it differently, as a way to connect.
    Thank you!

    • Glad that you enjoyed the post! I love to start the day with a run — it is something that I really missed when I was boss lady at the feed yard and had to go to work at 6:00am every morning. When I closed down the feed yard, I was driving my family crazy with all of my “early morning energy” so I got back into running. When my daughter asked me to do the half marathon with her, it seemed a natural fit and has provided a little bit of extra motivation. However, spending time with God watching the sunrise as I run really helps to center me for the day. I don’t sit still well, so the repetition/monotony of the running steps helps me to focus spiritually and the daily sight of the sunrise is a habit that I never want to give up!

      Good luck to you 🙂 Get good shoes if you decide to get back into running — equipping your feet with good support is critical from a physical standpoint. I also suggest 3X per week core workouts to strengthen muscles and protect from injury.


  2. Roger Hunt

    Another great post, Anne. In answer to your first question, “What fuels you on the journey?” I guess I’d have to say my family. Seeing them grow into wonderful, compassionate, giving adults and parents always brings me joy. And watching the little ones/grandchildren develop their own personalities, interests and uniqueness is truly a blessing. Another thing that fuels my journey, especially right now, is laughter. Marianne and I find that a good laughing jag (often about the simplest things) kind of puts all of the serious issues of the day to rest for a while.

    I’m a morning person and the beauty of a sunrise just makes me so thankful. Sunset have a special place too. Our farm “Suntree Farm” was inspired by the sun rising over the trees to the east and setting behind the oaks to the west of our house.

    I love going out to do chores in the winter when the first thing I do is to glance up at the stars. They are so beautiful on a crisp, cold morning. And the crunch of the snow beneath my feet, love that too. I love to walk in the woods on the farm, especially this time of year, the colors, the smells, and the wild animals preparing for winter…….love it all. I love people and I love the land. Anytime I’m able to be in their company my tank gets filled.

    Where did I find God today:
    I find God just about everyplace. I just have to be present in the moment and that’s the hard part. God’s love shows up in Marianne all the time. Abe is my constant companion and faithful instrument of his love. He is present in my friends. He is definitely present in you! Your posts and friendship have been a special blessing this year. As I mentioned before, always good for reflection. Keep up the good work Anne, you are a fuel for many of us.


    • I love this, Roger! Thank you so much for sharing. My favorite quote: “I find God just about everyplace. I just have to be present in the moment and that’s the hard part.” YES!

      Enjoy your family 😊

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