The Good Life Halfsy…

Last week, I signed up to run The Good Life Halfsy. My favorite farmer thinks that I am crazy and my favorite blonde cowgirls are claiming that my mental status has been in question for years; but there are a variety of things compelling me to complete my first half marathon.

 The first, and most important, is that Ashley Grace asked me to do it with her. My favorite brunette begins her senior year in high school this fall, and I am incredibly excited to be able to share this experience with her. While we will not really run it together (she will cross the finish line well ahead of me), it is a mother/daughter bucket list item.

Apart from a few 5k races completed recently as a fitness building tool with my family or the Haymaker Cross Country team, I have not competed in a running event since high school. The six minute miles that I used to kick out on the XC course provide an interesting history, but little relevance to the race in late October. Much has changed over the last twenty-four years 😉

The second reason that I hit the “go button” on the registration form is simply that I canFor the first time in 13 years, I am physically strong enough to finish the race. To be completely honest, this race is a mental (as well as physical) stretch for me. However, I believe that it is a symbolic event as I celebrate a level of health and fitness that, during my years with active Graves Disease, I worried I would never again attain.

I recently wrote a blog entitled Life’s About Never Giving UpIn a number of ways, this race will be living proof of my words.

  • It is a difficult challenge to lose your health.
  • It is often a long journey to regain strength and fitness.

But, there is an awesome sweet spot to find as you pack your FAITH along the healing process. I’m hopeful that sweet spot will make a strong appearance the morning of the race as my main goal is to complete the half marathon with a smile on my face and peace in my heart.

I hope to have many great moments over the next five months as I train and prepare for the race; but what I most look forward to is seeing the pride in my daughter’s eyes as she hugs me on the finish line.


One of the reasons that Life’s About Never Giving Up is because there are so many awesome things to do as we live it 🙂





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12 responses to “The Good Life Halfsy…

  1. Dawn

    You go Anne! I will be 62 this summer and I have made it a priority to do bucket list things for the past 5 years, including running (ok, participating and completing) in a 5k, completing the Dirty Girl mud run and challenge course twice, hot air balloon ride, parachuting out of a plane. My youngest son has promised to take me kayaking (it was supposed to happen on Mother’s Day but the weather did not cooperate). I add things on a whim, my husband and sons do their best to accommodate them. No time like the present, I say. I know you are a strong enough person to get this done. Enjoy!

  2. Jennifer

    This is a great race! It’s full of fun people and music and great fans. See you there!

  3. If you can like and enjoy backstroke, you probably could to a half marathon. Is that a distance event? Good luck.

    • I *think* that you can classify this one as “distance”, Bill. It’ll take me longer to run the 13.1 than it took you to swim a mile 🙂

  4. Roger Hunt

    I love your attitude, your spirit and and your relationship with your girls! Go for it Anne! You’re an inspiration!

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