Cowboy In a Bag…

Sometimes Plan A doesn’t work, so smart people have a Plan B. 

Saturday morning we headed down to our pasture to move the Lazy YN steers to new grass. I decided that this was a perfect opportunity for video #3.

I *think* I’m getting better — Please let me know your thoughts!



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5 responses to “Cowboy In a Bag…

  1. Roger Hunt

    Great video, Anne!!!

  2. Bobbi

    Love the “cowboy in a bag” we call it “cow candy” at our place. When we start opening a bag the sound is like the starting gates opening at the Kentucky Derby and it is a mad dash to be the winner! I always bet on #399 she is good off the start and has enough stamina to out run her friends. Video is awesome!

  3. Jim and Carol Ingram

    Anne, your video was great. I think you’ve mastered that technique very well, just like everything else you attempt. I use a complete horse feed that comes in cubes like your “cowboy in a bag”. I’ve always used it to treat the horses and to reward them for coming when they’re called. This winter I was too lazy to put halters on them to chop the ice balls off their feet. I found that they picked their feet up when asked if I rewarded them with a cube after each foot. More recently, I’ve had to stretch my hay supply with beet pulp. They love that so much that they usually come in from the pasture before feeding time, but if I get out there to feed when they’re still in the pasture, they race each other in to be sure they don’t miss out.

  4. Great job on the video and very informative as usual. You are really getting good at these videos. Your ‘blond cowgirl’ is looking so grown up. Hope all is well there 🙂

  5. Quick trademark “Cowboy in a Bag”

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