Life’s About Never Giving Up…

The onset of Mother’s Day always brings a personal sense of pensiveness. I think this is the case for a couple of different reasons.

  1. Being a mom and a coach/mentor provide the most important facets of my life.
  2. After my third daughter was born, I struggled for an extended period of time with chronic illness due to an autoimmune system disease.

At a glance, these two things do not necessarily seem related, but digging a bit deeper brings us to the heart of what I believe it truly means to be a mom.

The privilege of being a mom begins with receiving a new life. I’ll never forget how I felt when I held each of my three girls for the first time. I was in awe that something so precious, so infinitely beautiful could come from me.  I made a multitude of promises to my girls in those first moments. As I vowed to love them forever and support them in their dreams, I curled their tiny hands around my index finger and humbly thanked God for his gift of life.

Ashley Grace was just short of 6 and Megan was 2 and ½ when Karyn entered the world. The next five years were difficult ones as Matt and I struggled to hold together the family, the farm and survive my journey with Graves Disease. I learned a very important lesson during that time.

Life’s about never giving up.

It’s about FAITH.

It’s about letting go enough to embrace GRACE.

When I began my journey with Graves, I packed my stubborn with a vengeance, but I forgot to take along the majority of my FAITH. The stubborn took care of the fortitude and my integrity seemed to be permanently ingrained, but my attitude, trust, and hope were severely lacking. I am not proud of the person that I was during those years; but Matt held me up when I wanted to fall, and I came out the other side with a new perspective on life.

Today, I look at my beautiful girls and I see the true meaning of blessed. As I accept that blessing, I know in my heart that I must help them to learn that same important lesson about life. Being a real mom is about much more than wrapping that tiny hand around your finger, it’s about instilling that important value of FAITH and then letting them go enough that they can learn to find GRACE.

Life is hard.

Life is real.

Life is what you make of it.

Problems do not just disappear when you do not want to deal with them. No one is going to wave a magic wand. The negative aspect of challenges can fester and ruin your beautiful spirit – causing you to lose sight of what really matters. The only way that you work through it is to recognize that life’s about never giving up.

Sometimes never giving up involves letting go. On the surface, this may seem a bit backwards – letting go in order to never give up. But, trust and hope cannot move into your soul to lead you through the journey if there is not a personal realization that not everything in life is meant to be controlled by you.

Life isn’t about control.

Life’s about FAITH.

Life’s about GRACE.

The journey is better when you accept the love and support that God can grant you. This support comes in many different forms, and I have learned that I need to look for it. Trust and hope are critical components to FAITH. Developing a meaningful relationship with God enables you to open your heart to find them. When we pack our FAITH, we are open to receive GRACE.

Sometimes as moms we are tempted to try and fix things for our children. I make it a point to not do this with my girls because I know that their lives will be happier and more meaningful if they learn how to pack their FAITH, remember to let GRACE lead their actions, and figure out how to let go enough to never give up.

Life will never be perfect, but it can be meaningful. In order to receive, you must give. True joy can be found in sharing of yourself as you use your talents in order to make a difference. Peace is a beautiful emotion – it sits all along a journey marked by FAITH and GRACE. Finding it provides one of life’s most precious gifts.

Look for it.

Honor the gift of life.

Pack your FAITH so that you can fly.

Lead with GRACE so that there is a purpose to your flight.

Above all, cherish the journey as the pot of gold is the rainbow itself, not any given moment in time.



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10 responses to “Life’s About Never Giving Up…

  1. Dawn

    A beautiful message Anne. And those girls! They are lovely! Just when did Karen shoot up to be taller than her sisters? Hope your Mothers Day is wonderful and full of joy.

    • Thank you, Dawn! Karyn is now officially the tallest 🙂 Ashley Grace is bemoaning that although she is the oldest, she is the smallest of the three…I appreciate your nice note. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!


  2. Charles Flanagan

    A wonderful message, especially during these days when it is so easy to become discouraged. We need to concentrate on the important things and let the minor stuff go. Thank you for you powerful messages!

  3. Jim and Carol Ingram

    Anne, I think this is your best and most uplifting post ever! What beautiful young women your girls have become both inside and out thanks to your and Matt’s application of FAITH and GRACE in raising them.

    • Thank you. The words came easily this time as it is a message that I think of often. It’s funny — sometimes when I am writing it is hard to find the words, and sometimes they just flow from the heart. I needed to write this post: both personally and for my girls. It helps me to stay true to myself when I pen the words that spin around in my mind — that way I can go back and read it again during the times that I struggle 🙂

      I hope that you all are doing well!

  4. Robyn

    Your girls have grown into such beautiful young women. Is that really your youngest? How tall is she now?

    • Yes – my youngest is the one in the middle 😊 She’s 5’7″ or 5’8″ by now and has passed her sisters by (and me too, but I’m the shortest of the bunch)!

      Thank you, Robyn. I hope that you are doing well!


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