Chicken 201…

The Feed Yard Foodie family entered the realm of Chicken 201 this spring as we started our second flock of Rhode Island Red laying hens. After four years, the first flock suffered “laying fatigue” so it was time to replenish with young birds. The plan was to start all six chicks at once — After a cat defugalty, we ended up with two sets of three birds each about 3 weeks apart in age.

The first set of three grew too big for the horse water tank that we start the chicks in, so we spent some time Easter afternoon preparing the coop and moving the larger hens out of the chicken crib and into the big kid house…The smaller set will remain in the chicken crib for a few more weeks while they grow and become better able to keep themselves warm.

My favorite farmer has been fighting a nasty fever virus, but he cowboyed up and helped to fix a few things in the run. He seems to be pretty susceptible to the requests of his girls 😉 One of the things that I like most about the chicks is the projects that they make for Matt and the girls to do together. While on a smaller scale, they are similar to the cattle handling projects that the girls and I share.

Ashley Grace is currently teaching the hens how to leave and re-enter the coop so that they can enjoy the sun, food and water that we put out in the run. It is highly entertaining! We are looking forward to having a constant supply of eggs again.

Grandma spent the Easter weekend visiting from Florida. She got to play farmer a bit between the cattle at the pasture and the chick project at home.

Easter blessings from our family to yours!


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6 responses to “Chicken 201…

  1. Bill

    Grandma is one of my favorite people. She looks great. Say ‘Hi’ for me.

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  3. Yahhh, new babies… they are fun. We got 4 more about 3 weeks ago to add to our current 16. We got three Americana’s (blue, mint green, blue green eggs) and one Barred Rock to lay more brown eggs. I always wanted blue/green eggs layers and our friends got some extra with theirs for us. Hubby wanted an extra brown egg layer as we lost another brown egg layer and our oldest 3 are no longer laying, they are just living out life right now at the age of 7. What kind did ya’ll get this time? They are cute and the girls look happy with them. I hope Matt is feeling better, will keep him in our prayers. Glad your mom got to come out 🙂

    • Hi Kim! We got more Rhode Island Reds as I think that they “weather” Nebraska pretty well. I suppose that we could get more creative, but we went with the same 🙂 Yes, the girls are enjoying them.

      Matt and Ashley Grace are both feeling better; but now Megan is sick. We’ve had a nasty bug going around our house for about 6 weeks now. I am ready for summer as spring brought sickness to the Feed Yard Foodie house!

      Thank you for the prayers. We enjoyed the visit with my mom — it is always fun to have her out to the farm. I hope that you all had a Blessed Easter!


      • I do love Rhodes, they are such good birds. We will probably get more at some point. We still have 3 of our originals who are like 7 now almost.
        Sorry you guys have such a bad bug. I hope it goes away. Will keep paying for you all.
        Have a blessed week. 😊

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