I was lucky enough to grow up down the street from my grandparents. Although they have been gone for several years now, when I think of them the word that comes to mind is devoted.  More than 70 years of marriage, the sun rose and set for them in each other.  As a little girl, I dreamed of finding a soul-mate — someone to build a life with just like my beloved Grannie and Dedaw.

Feb March 2006 017When I brought my favorite farmer to Florida for the first time, my Grannie loved him at first sight.  I still don’t know if she innately sensed that he was my one, or if she simply loved me enough to believe in my heart.  Either way, she showed me with her life that love required work — a good marriage necessitated diligently doing chores — and that the blessing of sharing your life with someone always topped the priority list.

One of the things that I love about Matt is our ability to work together in harmony.  After twenty years on the farm, I still love to do things with him. Whether we are checking fields, working on projects around the house, or building fence, we make a good team.  Matt figures stuff out, and I follow directions well 🙂

When you work well together, chores are not just a necessary part of life — they are part of what makes life fun.marchfence7.jpg

Last weekend Matt and I took down my winter horse fence.  Intermittent warm days inspire the alfalfa to green up and start to grow, so it is time to corral the horses and take them off their winter pasture. Since it snowed on Saturday, we opted to wait until Sunday to take down the electric wire fence. We traded the Saturday snow for a 35 mile an hour wind on Sunday. In hindsight, I’m not sure that we picked the correct day, but we bundled up and laughed our way through the chore.




We brought along our favorite blondes as we’ve always maintained that families that work together find greater love together.


We survived the wind, and finished the chore. I think perhaps the only ones pouting are the horses as they prefer their large winter grazing pasture to the corral 😉


I spent much of the day thinking about my Grannie and Dedaw.  How my life on the farm is so different than their’s was on the Florida coast, yet how our days are actually so much the same.   When your better half provides the center of your world, love becomes much less of a chore and much more of a blessing…


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8 responses to “Chores…

  1. Roger Hunt

    Grandparents love is definitely something special. But a couple’s love is what makes the world go round. Marianne and I just celebrated our 50th anniversary a few weeks ago! What a marvelous journey we’ve had! In one way it seems like only yesterday but in another it feels as though we’ve always been together. We too had good role models. Both our parents celebrated 60 + years together. May your life together continue to be filled family love, the experiences that bind and last forever.

    • Congratulations to you and Marianne! 50 years of greatness 🙂 It was good to visit with you last weekend. We are looking forward to having you visit next summer.


  2. Dawn

    going on 38 and wouldn’t trade a minute

    • Awesome! I love it, Dawn. Good times — Wonderful memories — Lots of hope for the future 🙂

      It is great to hear from you. I hope that all is well.


  3. Katie

    I love seeing horses with their winter coats. So beautiful!

    • I love it when they get all fuzzy, Katie — just like you! Magnum (the lighter horse) puts on a really heavy coat and looks like a Teddy Bear from November to March. I love to burrow my head in for a hug. Spring is trying to come to Nebraska but the boys have not shed their coats yet. As the grass greens, then the hair will start to fly around in the wind!

      I hope that all is well.

  4. theranchwifechronicles

    I like your comment “…we make a good team. Matt figures stuff out, and I follow directions well.” I can relate, lol!

    My strength is in being a helper. I’m the behind the scenes person and go-for; I don’t want to make the big or hard decisions.I’m good at listening, making sure J is well fed, that he has clean clothes and at holding tails while he suckles a calf. And I am more than ok with that.

    What a blessing to have a wonderful example of love and devotion for you to experience. J’s folks are a good example for us and I am thankful for their active role in our life.

    • So great to hear from you! I think that couples that make good teams are particularly awesome 🙂 Matt and I (just like you and J) ‘fill in’ for each other all of the time. Together, we get it done. Somehow, when the ‘together’ is a part of the work, it becomes more special when the chores are complete. I love that part of farming.

      So great to hear from you. I hope that spring is treating you well. We picked up some needed moisture last week so the cool season grass is trying to green up.

      Take care,

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