Precious Moments…

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a black lab, a kitten and a horse. While I grew up in a house full of hunting dogs, my “bucket list” animals had an address independent of mine…

My favorite farmer and I met my freshman year of college. Our “first baby” was a black lab that we named Taylor. Taylor went everywhere with Matt and graduated from Thayer Engineering school with a masters in Engineering and Business. She was more than happy to move to the farm in June of 1997 when our address changed to Nebraska, and we quickly got her a black and white kitten to keep her company while we went to work.

My dream of having a horse came true the summer of 2005. My beloved feed yard horse developed navicular problems and could no longer work, so I brought him home to my back yard for his retirement years. Because “horses are like potato chips, and you can’t just have one” — That same summer, I bought a young quarter horse from a friend who ranches in the Sandhills.Β  A third eventually took up residence when old age claimed the first.

At the time that I brought my first horse home, I was beginning my seven year long battle with Graves Disease. Matt could not fathom why I wanted to add to my list of chores, however, my horses brought me a sense of peace in a time of mental chaos. When my body refused to work and my mind struggled to focus, I could walk out my back door and bury my face in the softness of my horse’s neck. When I got too weak to lift my saddle, I could climb up bare back and Dandy would take me for a walk — somehow he seemed to know that I needed that precious moment of peace to find the strength to face the next day.

megpismile1-jpgLearning to find harmony in that unique human/animal partnership is one of life’s greatest blessings. My girls understand this, and sharing those moments with them puts a sparkle in my eye and a warm glow in my heart.

My favorite blonde cowgirl and I have a regular Sunday date with our beloved equines. It is a time of laughter, and a time of sharing. It refuels my soul and creates many precious moments that we take with us on our life journey. Over the past few years, I have let responsibilities at the feed yard stand in the way of some of our weekly dates. It always left me feeling bereft and ill-prepared to face the challenges of the coming week. I know that Megan felt the void of our missing rides as well.

megpismile2-jpgThis fall, I made a renewed commitment to our weekly dates — allowing myself the time to just be — to enjoy, to renew, and to share those rides once again with Megan. There are times that we let our lives, our responsibilities, and our commitments block out the needed periods of self-renewel. We work ourselves into the ground refusing to admit that we are human and might need a moment to reflect and heal.

This is a recurring challenge for me.

Looking into the future, my crystal ball is still hazy but I know that I am going to take more time to enjoy life’s precious moments. There is balance to be found between sharing your talents and preserving your sanity. There even exists a harmonious place where adequate renewal time actually allows for a greater sharing of talents due to an increase in personal strength.


I’m looking forward to finding that almost as much as I cherish the related precious moments…



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6 responses to “Precious Moments…

  1. Really enjoyed the photos. I’m so glad you two can ride together again πŸ™‚

    • It makes my heart happy too, Kim πŸ™‚ I love the pictures of Meg with her horse Magnum. She had just gotten done french braiding his mane, and I happened to be able to snap pictures of the interaction right after. They are a silly, fun pair!

      I hope that all is well back East.
      Good to hear from you!

  2. Mike

    Cherish those precious moments with your loved ones. I always felt to busy to spend much time with my daughter before she went off to college in St. Louis and eventually married and moved to Penn State. I now, after a couple of strokes and major heart surgery, miss what I did not take advantage of. I can fill the void some by my involvement as a 4-H assistant teaching youth life lessons, but I often wonder if I was able to teach those lessons and many more to my own daughter. Wrap yourself in that wonderful family love and plan for a great future. And don’t forget to share that love with your spouse, life partner, and the Lord.

    • Thank you, Mike. My favorite farmer and I are very blessed. We are one of those families that tends to “do everything together”, and it is hard when responsibilities pull you away from that. We are re-centering/refocusing and I am looking forward to having more time and energy to devote to family and community.

      I appreciate you sharing your wisdom. It’s not too late to make a few elongated trips to Penn State — I’m sure that your daughter and her family would love to have you visit πŸ™‚


  3. Thank you, Anne for another beautiful post. You are a precious gem, sharing precious moments. My ‘children’ are teens and a young adult, all still at home and I am savoring every single second!

    • Thank you, Angie. This one came from the heart πŸ™‚ It sounds as though our kids are roughly the same age. Matt and I feel so blessed, and are also savoring every single second. It is such a joy to watch my girls on their life journey. Of all of the things that I have done with my adult life, my family is what I am most proud of — experiencing life with them is truly a beautiful thing.

      I appreciate your kind note and am glad that you enjoyed the post! Enjoy your family πŸ™‚

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