Finding Our Inner Iguana…

My favorite 16 year old and I decided while interacting with the local wildlife population that, during times of stress, we needed to find our inner iguana.  We both found the large lizards fascinating.  Our favorite was watching them pensively contemplate the ocean waves while maintaining the yoga position of “cobra”.




Their nonchalant attitude toward life intrigued me and I found their herd dynamics (interactions between one another) thoroughly entertaining.

The only other animals that I enjoyed more were the sea lions.  The swimmer in me loved the harmonious way that they moved through the water.  I spend the summer trying to get my athletes to find that same sense of natural harmony!


Researchers use EID tags similar to what we use to track cattle health and performance to better understand their habits...

Researchers use EID tags (orange circular button) similar to what we use to track cattle health and performance to better understand the sea lions…

When they were not gracefully frolicking in the water, the sea lions reminded me of our house cats — Lazy with a capital L combined with just a touch of drama 🙂




It seems that everywhere I go, I find fascinating creatures to study.



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6 responses to “Finding Our Inner Iguana…

  1. Bill

    I’m pretty sure those aren’t Iguanas.

    • I am remembering what an expert you are on Iguanas, Bill…
      They were pretty cool creatures. I enjoyed watching them. They do this goofy thing with their throats as they interact with each other. It reminded me of the stuff you guys used to do at swim practice to be “cool”…

      I also laughed at the sea lions — they had fun personalities. You would have enjoyed this trip. A lot of fun and active things to do.

      I hope that you all are doing well.

  2. Ahh, to stretch out in the shade of an Evinrude outboard… bliss! LOL

    • Yes, it was pretty funny. They were so lazy while they were resting, but yet so athletic swimming in the water. Fun to watch!

      I hope that the winter is treating you all well 🙂

  3. Bobbi

    I could sit and watch animals “do their thing” for hours.

    • Yes, we share that trait Bobbi! We are “animal nerds”…

      It sounds like your little boy is well on his way to being like his mom 🙂

      Take care,

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