Never a Dull Moment…

I arrived home from the feed yard Saturday morning about 11:00am, hoping to take the dog for a walk before the predicted rain and snow began. I gathered my favorite farmer and our crazy mutt and headed down the gravel road. Shellie loves to go for walks and Matt and I enjoy the peace of the open fields.


Shellie, the mildly crazy mutt 🙂

A large group of horse trailers and a couple of riders met us on the way home. This time of year there are many mama cows grazing the residue left after harvest on the corn fields. It isn’t unusual to meet up with the riders that periodically move the animals from field to field when the feed runs out.


A mama cow grazing in a neighboring corn field…

My own horses graze the field adjacent to our house during the winter months. I use a one wire temporary electric fence along the perimeter of the field to keep the horses contained while grazing.  I let them out to eat in the day time and then bring them back into the corral at the house each afternoon before sunset.

"The boys", Dandy and Magnum...

“The boys”, Dandy and Magnum…

The weather Saturday was cold and cloudy, obviously inspiring a spunky attitude in my horses. As Matt, Shellie and I were about a ½ mile from home I noticed that Dandy and Magnum had decided to excitedly run around our corn field — feeding off of the energy of the other horses and riders headed out to move cattle. The next thing I knew, they both tore through the temporary electric fence and headed west at a brisk gallop.

I took off at a run for home trying to get back to gather halters, my favorite blonde cowgirls, and my vehicle in order to intercept the boys before they traveled too far from home. My girls are awesome farm kids — having already figured out the problem by the time that I made it to the driveway — so we headed out picking up my favorite farmer and the dog along the way.

Looking back, it must have been comical – at the time, I wasn’t laughing. We caught up with the horses about a mile and a half west of our house. The boys weren’t really sure that they wanted to give up their freedom, but Dandy decided that the alfalfa in my hand was more interesting than running around. Megan and I got them both haltered and headed back to the house.

christmas pictures 2012 035

My favorite farmer is a great guy and had the fence fixed shortly after Meg and I arrived home with the horses. It was obvious that the boys had enjoyed their extra “recess”. It was not the way that I had intended to spend my Saturday afternoon, but on a farm there is never a dull moment.


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6 responses to “Never a Dull Moment…

  1. Heather

    Hope they were ok from running through the fence. I have seen too many nasty injuries from smooth and barbed wire fencing. At least the boys had fun. We turned our horse out today and mine decided to roll and get all muddy from the melted snow. Lots of fun.

    • I laugh that my horse is black because God knew that he loved to get dirty! It sounds as though your horse likes to do the same 🙂 Yes, the boys are both fine. We all got some extra exercise out of the deal, but other than that all is well.

      Take care,

  2. It’s good that you were at least nearby and didn’t come home to find the horses gone and no idea where to look for them. A couple of years ago, the Sommers, a couple of other friends, Jim and I took our horses (6 of them) to a guest ranch for the weekend. All during the weekend we had allowed our horses out to graze near the corrals, supervised and with halters on, but with no confinement really necessary. We did this again as we were packing up to head home. We were nearly ready to start loading horses when they suddenly took off. By the route they chose (not the one we used to get to the ranch) we were only about 3 miles from highway 83. We had to gather those who were still getting a few last things from the house (the vehicle drivers, of course) and close up trailers before we could go after the horses. By the time we caught up with them, a local young man who obviously knew horses had gotten ahold of the dominant mare’s halter, which stopped all of them, only about a quarter mile from the highway. We were so relieved!

    • I too am glad that I was nearby…I remember hearing the story of the event that you are referring too from Tehya. It is scary when they take off, especially when they are near a HWY…

      Good to hear from you all. Loved your Christmas picture and note!
      Take care —

  3. Bobbi

    These situations are always a lot more funny after the fact! I am usually too caught up in the action to find the humor at during the craziness!

    • Yes, indeed! It stresses me out and I have to force myself to stay calm and act appropriately. I find myself blowing out like my horse — usually he mimics me and does it back — then I can smile and move on…

      I learn so much from my animals. They are a joy despite the extra chores that they create 🙂

      Have a Merry Christmas!

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