The Cutting Of the Tree…


 The Cutting of the Tree

Leave it to me,

We go out to Heins Pines

And we follow the signs

To the big pasture out behind,

There is laughing and screaming

A bit of scheming,

We follow the row

Down the path we go

To find a tree we can top with a bow,

As we run

All the while having fun,

The perfect tree comes into sight

We think it just might

Be just right,

So pictures are taken

But we are mistaken,

The right tree is yet to be found

We bound

Over the ground,

And find anew

A different tree that isn’t as askew,

We all decided

We were quite confided

So we take more pictures beside,

I ask to jump on my dad’s shoulders,

Although he is getting older,


I climb aboard

But we get the award

For being awkward,

Because I fall on my face

With much grace,

I get off the floor

And try once more

It works better and this time we score,

When dad finally stands

I can see the woodlands,

And we get a picture

You can see the treasure

In my daddy’s eyes it is captured,

Then he starts dancing

And flouncing,

I hold tight to his head

I close my eyes instead

Of looking upon the scene ahead,

More pictures are snapped

To record this mishap,

I must be crushing his eyes

Because he starts to improvise

Pulling my hands away, to my surprise,

It is time to get off

I am castoff,

He crawls under the branches

With the handsaw in his clenches

And he launches,

The great cutting of the tree

In front of you and me!Christmastreecollage3.jpg

Poem by Megan

Pictures by Anne

Smiles from all the Burkholder clan…



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11 responses to “The Cutting Of the Tree…

  1. Dawn

    Beautiful memories in the making!

    • Thank you, Dawn 🙂 Family times are special — my girls are the highlight of my life. Matt and I are so proud of them. They are so fun to make memories with!

      I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Roy

    I recall cutting live trees with my children when they were youngsters. It seems that it was always muddy and someone would lose an overshoe. After determining which child’s “favorite” tree was just the right one, I’d lay down in the mud and cut the tree. Dragging it to the car, (we never had a pickup) and getting it tied down, we finally enjoyed hot chocolate as we paid for the tree.

    When we arrived home, we quickly realized that trees in the open area suddenly become MUCH LARGER when they are brought into the house! Figuring out how to get that large STUMP into the tree holder added problem solving of how to get that monster tree to remain upright.

    The boxes of decorations would come out and decorating would begin. It would go on into the night as the mom finally ended up finishing decorating.

    My oldest grandsons are three years old, but one of these times, I’ll make the trip to their home and we will make the trek to the tree farm and build memories. What fun!!!

    • I love this! Thank you for the smile, Roy. We are lucky to have a room with a very tall ceiling in our house. We’ve only had one year that we had to cut the stump. Matt is our “measuring tool” and we seem to get along okay as long as the tree isn’t more than about 10′ tall 🙂

      I hope that you can join your grandsons sometime soon to share the tradition. I would imagine that as a “grandpa” you could enjoy the magic even more as you won’t have to worry about the logistics!

      Thanks for sharing — I love the story.

  3. Love the poem… love the photos… all the girls are growing up even my hubby noticed how they have grown up. We got our tree over the weekend too. It’s lots of fun to cut your own.
    Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • Merry Christmas to you Kim! Yes, they are growing up fast. I am the shortest one in the clan and they do appear to be growing up before my eyes. I am cherishing the family moments.

      Love your new kitten! He is adorable. We are cat lovers at our house 🙂

      Blessings to you all for a Merry Christmas.

      • Merry Christmas Anne 🙂 I wish you and the whole family a very blessed Christmas season 🙂
        We have been a dog house for a long while, but we are loving having a kitten and are now a dogcat house 😉 I am so happy people think he is as cute as we think he is 🙂
        Stay warm if you have gotten any of the snow/ice my Grandma has already.

  4. Kathy Bottrell

    This poem is a hoot. Good job, Megan

  5. Great poem, Megan and great pics, Anne. Looks like fun for one and all!

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