The Cozad Haymakers Embark On a Journey With FFA…

As a city raised “east coaster”, my first experience with FFA (Future Farmers of America) occurred as an adult several years after I went to work at the feed yard. As I became involved as a volunteer in agricultural advocacy work and the promotion of the Beef Quality Assurance program, my path began to cross with FFA instructors. Some of my favorite public speaking gigs have been with FFA students – sharing my story and answering questions from the best and the brightest that will soon be the future of agriculture.

I am excited to report that my home town of Cozad recently committed to building an FFA program in our school system. It is an honor for me to be involved in the process as a member of the community advisory group. While I truly believe that “it takes a community to raise a child”, I also believe that it takes a diverse blend of educators and community members to create situations where our young adults can increase their knowledge and skills in order to provide for the future.



Where does my food come from? — appears to be the million dollar question in 2015. Food unites us: from the Nebraska farmer to the urban executive to the small town electrician. It unites us because, quite frankly, we all need to eat. The ability to create a program where students in my home town can both learn where their food comes from as well as how to grow it – today, and on into the future – is an incredible privilege.

Agriculture provides the heart of our town. The majority of our community members are involved in farming in a variety of venues. What excites the team builder in me the most is the ability to pair these savvy folks with the awesome set of teenagers that make up the Haymaker school community.  The journey involves a passionate FFA educator bridging together these experienced and skilled entrepreneurial tradesmen with the next generation of farmers.


We believe in our designated journey. We have a calm and supportive ocean. We have a seaworthy ship. We just need a captain. The Cozad High School began taking applications for the FFA educator position last week. Please help to spread the word as we search for a passionate leader to navigate the journey. Contact Dustin Favinger at Cozad High School for more information.

308-784-2744 or

Go Haymakers!


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4 responses to “The Cozad Haymakers Embark On a Journey With FFA…

  1. Dawn Craumer

    FFA is a wonderful organization! I continue to support our local FFA through our alumni association. All three of my boys were involved with our local FFA program (as well as 4H). As a high school Junior, my youngest son was a leader in starting up the FFA program in our brand new high school. His growth as a young man really took off through this experience. He served as President for two years and, because they were a new group, he really stepped up and out of his comfort zone representing the organization in so many ways. From recruitment of new members, to presiding over meetings, to community outreach with “back to the farm” day, to fundraising, to competitions in parliamentary procedure, extemporaneous speaking, judging meat, poultry, livestock, and crops, he represented his school on local, state, regional and national levels. His final crowning achievement was earning his American Degree Award, the highest you can achieve. I literally watched him grow in confidence and experience as he was called upon to lead his chapter in its growth. We are lucky to have some very talented and dedicated advisors for FFA in our area and I am thankful for all they have done and continue to do for our youth. Hoping Cozad finds someone special for their group.

    • That is an awesome story, Dawn! Thank you for sharing. We have a few kids in Cozad that are so excited, and I look forward to watching them step up just as your son did. Megan will be a freshman next year, and I would love for her to have an FFA experience 🙂

      We are optimistic and looking for that special teacher to lead the charge! Great to hear from you.

      Take care,

  2. Jody Henry

    Hi Dustin I have been trying to encourage jordan to do some Ag teaching along with Ag business degree. He wants to come back home and farm but with some teaching degree he could teach, coach and farm also. Please talk to Jordan about this and see what he needs to do. I know this opening won’t be right away but he is compassionate about agriculture. I know he would love that part of it. He just needs more information about it all.
    Jody Henry

    • Dustin Favinger

      Thanks Jody, I will make it a point to talk to him. Even if it isn’t in Cozad, the opportunities for ag teachers are nearly limitless.

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