The Team Builder…

I believe that there exists two types of “team builders”. Those that are gifted with an innate talent for radiating positivity and inspiration; and those dedicated enough to the cause that they strive to redefine their behavior in order to become one.  As a natural born introvert, I fall into the second category. Sometime during my adult life, I became enamored by the concept of team and began to redefine my values in order to make it a priority.

Team building plays a critical role in creating successful families, schools, communities, and businesses. It creates a positive culture where all are inspired to creatively contribute not just for individual gain but also for the good of others. Being a team builder creates the ultimate selfless gift, thereby providing the basis for excellence.

Tim Thramer was a natural born team builder. A stranger to no one, Tim radiated positivity. In a crowd, I always felt my eyes drawn toward Tim as I knew that his easy smile would bolster my confidence just as his creative joke would lighten my day.


My girls got to know Tim when his oldest daughter, Molly, began to babysit for us more than 4 years ago. They gravitated toward Tim just as children excitedly gather around the Christmas tree – looking for him across the gymnasium at a basketball game — finding him during a community tailgate party – or hoping that he would drop by the house when they were with Molly. They actively sought him out because they sensed that Tim would always share a precious gift with them – the gift of cheerful compassion.


After a two year battle with cancer, God brought Tim home last week. As our family sat in the church pew participating in the rosary service honoring Tim, I cried. I cried for his beautiful family: Cindy, Molly, Hannah, and Abby. I cried for my town of Cozad. I selfishly cried for myself. I cried because I will never again be able to search the room looking for that smile – that joke – that sparkle that Tim shared with everyone.

Although I worry that those of us left behind will falter as we try to carry on with the resilience and strength that Tim demonstrated each and every day, I know that he has faith in us and will be our greatest cheerleader going into the future.

I can hear him chiming his favorite mantra: Respect: Learn it, Live it, Love it!  And when I look into the eyes of both his girls and mine, I know that his lessons were well learned and his legacy will persevere.

We are forever #thramerstrong…


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2 responses to “The Team Builder…

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. It is sad for everyone when someone so great is taken younger then expected. I pray for his family and yours.

    • Thank you, Kim. We are all forever changed. Sometimes God’s plan is confusing — there is no “fix” except to honor the one who is lost by continuing their legacy. Tim was an amazing man and our community was blessed to have him. His family is wonderful — you can see special parts of him in each of his girls.

      I appreciate your compassion as well as your prayers.


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