The Color Of Red…

Fall brings out the color of red – not just in Nebraska where children are taught at a very young age that red is the color of choice, but all throughout the Great Plains as the growing season draws to an end. I never tire of viewing the fall foliage as God’s paintbrush shines magnificently during the month of October.Megfallpicturecollage.jpg

My favorite cowgirl shares my love for the fall colors and does a beautiful job of painting a picture of Nebraska in the fall with this collage of photos that she took with her Granddaddy’s camera.

The 8th of October often finds me traveling to Long Valley, South Dakota to get Megan’s favorite red angus calves. The day starts early as I head north about 5:30am, and I always take a moment to appreciate the sunrise in the beautiful meadows and wetlands south of Valentine, NE.


Mid-morning finds me at the ranch loading the calves so that they can travel south to the feed yard. Megan loves the calves because of their beautiful red color. I love them for their outstanding disposition which makes the transition into the feed yard and the feeding period so much smoother. It is a joy to feed cattle that receive excellent care during their entire lifetime, and Larry and Donita Denke are great partners to have in this great journey of beef production.Denkecollage.jpg

This year my favorite farmer traveled to South Dakota with me making his first “ranch trip” in more than a decade. The fall is such a busy time of year, and having a full day to spend with Matt is always a blessing. He rode along (outside of his love of spending time with me) because we made a detour to Ainsworth, Nebraska on our way home to watch our favorite Cross Country running brunette lead her team in the Conference Championship meet.XCcollage.jpg

The Lady Haymakers brought home the team gold placing all four runners in the top ten individual places. Ashley Grace ran a PR of 20:24 for the 5K race with a 2nd place individual finish. The Lady Haymakers compete in the District Championships this Thursday with their sights set on the Nebraska State Championship meet Friday October 23rd.

On the home front, things remain busy. The Feed Yard Foodie family prays for kindness from Mother Nature this time of year as the fall farm chore list remains extensive. I try to start each day with a two tiered chant: Go Haymakers! Go Beef!  My favorite farmer usually throws in a Go Big Red!

Fall blessings to you and your families.


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9 responses to “The Color Of Red…

  1. theranchwifechronicles

    Never a dull moment at the FYF household! Glad your fall is going well, Anne. Congratulations to AG and the Cross country team for a good fall run thus far and best wishes at districts.

    Yea for many shades of red!

    J and I love autumn on the ranch. We didn’t plant corn last spring, so we didn’t have to chop corn silage this fall. We seem to fill our days with a steady pace of ranch tasks. It’s nice to have the rush of haying behind us and not be tied down with chores. Next week we start moving pairs home from summer pasture.

    • Thank you, Robyn! Good to hear from you and glad to hear that all is well. I have now spent 19 falls in Nebraska, and have loved each and every one of them. The only bad thing about fall is that it is followed by winter!

      The girls head to Ogallala today to run District XC. It has been quite an amazing journey for our small but mighty team and we look forward to watching them finish strong 🙂


  2. Great photos you are getting a nice fall. Here in VA is not the nicest I’ve seen. I’m missing the reds, yellows, and oranges of fall foliage. I’m happy to hear you and Matt got a day together to enjoy. My hubby and I live those kind of days too. Happy Fall 🙂

    • Jody summers

      I appreciate your up beat inspiration and always look forward to your posts.
      Just been a follower for two months.
      We just have 100 acres with Brahmans and lab dogs. It is great here in Devine , Texas. BUT we have not had any rain since July and again in such a drought. 350 burned across the gate round which brought of reality into what nature can do. Love your blog. Keep it going
      Jody from south tejas.

      • Thanks for the encouragement. Some days I feel no one reads. I’m glad when I can post it inspires someone.
        Sorry to hear about your fires and no rain. I would send you some rain if I could.
        Thanks again and I hope to post again soon, just been really busy lately and trying to get ready for winter here. Some winters are bad and so much snow we like to have things ready in advance.
        Blessing to you 🙂

      • Thanks Jody! I also appreciate you reading and following. It is always fun to hear from folks that they enjoy my weekly ramblings.

        I love labs — we do not currently have one because God replaced our last one with a stray mix pup that needed a home, but Matt and I hope to have another labrador on our farm in the future. What awesome dogs. We tease our girls that when they go to college, then we will get another lab puppy 🙂

        I hope that you will get some rain soon. We are all so tied to Mother Nature for success — it is hard.


    • Thank you, Kim! Hopefully you will get your fall colors before winter sets in…

      Take care.

  3. Great to hear that the Red Angus are doing well for you and your family. Right now RAAA is running a photo contest, specifically looking for photos that feature the FCCP tags. You might consider entering! Details on the contest are online.

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