The Feed Yard Foodie Farm Heads Into the Fall Run…

This week officially marks the beginning of the fall run at the feed yard. Cool nights signal the end of the growing season and grass quality begins to diminish. Many animals not intended for breeding stock move off of home ranches and into feed yards as the pastures can no longer sustain them. The fall months provide the busiest time of the year at the feed yard as we offer care to large numbers of newly arrived animals.


A couple of months ago, I wrote about finding personal balance and my search to figure out the best future plan for Feed Yard Foodie. After thoughts of retiring the blog site, I came to the realization that I was not ready to quit blogging. Instead, I needed to lighten the self-imposed pressure to write as frequently so that the work load became more manageable.

As we move into the fall, the frequency of blog posts will likely decrease due to my busy schedule. However, I am going to try to consistently upload pictures and short thoughts from the feed yard onto the Feed Yard Foodie Facebook page in between posts. I would encourage everyone interested in being a part of those messages to “Like” the page so that you can participate.  You can do this on the home page of the regular blog site or search Feed Yard Foodie on Facebook to find the page.

In the meantime, here are a few random thoughts from last week to share:annegwm2015.jpg

  • We completed our bi-yearly ground water monitoring to ensure that our farm is not negatively impacting the Ogallala Aquifer.
  • We also completed our 2nd Internal Progressive Beef Audit for 2015 to ensure that our farm remains dedicated to animal welfare, sustainability and food safety. This audit not only serves as an important “report card” for our daily care at the feed yard, but it also provides each of you the validation that my beef is raised responsibly.
  • My favorite Cross Country running teenager and her teammates are rocking through the first half of the season with an undefeated record. Each fall I am reminded how much I truly love the sport of X Country — I may well be the most enthusiast fan running around the course cheering for the runners 🙂
  • My favorite blonde cowgirl jumped right into her 8th grade Volleyball season when we returned home from Texas A & M. Her smile and leadership is contagious on the court, and she is a joy to watch.
  • My favorite 10 year old anxiously awaits the start of the fall soccer season as well as her 11th birthday. She and I continue to run and swim when we can in order to keep her lungs strong.
  • My favorite farmer will soon transition from dehydrating alfalfa to harvesting corn. Despite his long days on the farm, he takes the time to support and hang out with his girls – often providing a joke or a friendly “eye roll” when the estrogen levels permeating our house become too strong.


I hope that each of you is enjoying the transition to the fall run. It is indeed a beautiful time!


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8 responses to “The Feed Yard Foodie Farm Heads Into the Fall Run…

  1. Heather

    So true, keep up the pace and all of the good thoughts. You are a great promoter of agriculture.

  2. lindsaychichester

    So glad to hear you are not retiring the blog!

  3. Dave

    You have a lot of fans out here that look forward to your updates. I can really appreciate the busy schedule you have.
    An occasional post on FB will be great.

    • Thank you, Dave. I appreciate you reading and am glad to hear that you enjoy my weekly ramblings. I hope to get a couple of pictures up on Facebook each week, and will continue the regular weekly blogs as much as I can. The first part of the fall run never seems quite as challenging as the end — Unfortunately, the bovine caregivers get tired after a while…It always seems that by November I am a bit bleary eyed!


  4. I’m glad your keeping the blog up. I know it’s hard… I’m not the best at posting on mine on a consistent basis. You are a valuable member of my blogging community and a friend. I’m glad I can still see how things are with all of you. And I love learning from you 🙂
    Good luck to the girls in their respective sports I’m sure they will all do well.
    Best for the corn harvest and happy pre fall 🙂

    • Thank you, Kim! I always enjoy seeing your pictures and reading about your life as well. I hope that you are healing well and enjoying the turn of the seasons.

      The girls are having a great school year so far — both in their studies and their athletics. I pray for strength for them as they continue to move through their busy lives. I love to be a part of their journey 🙂

      All of the best to you!

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