Things from Home

My favorite farmer and I watched this young lady and her sister grow up about 20 miles east of our farm. She now lives in Washington DC and works as a “Hill Staffer” for one of Nebraska’s Senators. Reading this brought me smiles as well as a few “mom” worries for the years just down the road at the Feed Yard Foodie house…

I think that likely every mother experiences moments of worry when a child leaves home to begin an independent life. I already worry about it and my oldest is only a sophomore in high school. Did I raise her “right”? Does she know how to take care of herself? Will she be true to herself and where she came from, all while pursuing her dreams of the future? Will she find her way as a happy and contributing member of society?…

Cecily does a great job of candidly describing this journey — from the eyes of a young college graduate and through the lens of a Nebraska farm girl…

Dawson County is proud of you, Cecily, and has high hopes that you will work hard to fix the myriad of problems that plague our Federal Government. Go to work girl — the sun is up and your parents already have chores done 🙂

D.C. Liminality


It’s only a short plane ride back home, or two short plane rides if you’re poor like me and can’t afford the direct Delta flight– sooo, two short plane rides and one long drive are all that separates me from D.C. and our farm north of Lexington, Nebraska.

I came home for a week. That’s why I’m discussing planes here, traveling and such. I was in Nebraska for a whole week and a day to just visit. My plan was to see as many people as I could in the short amount of time I was there. That, and just sit in a corn field for a bit or go on a run and not see another human being for miles.

I don’t mind the city, I really don’t. Yet sometimes it’s nice just to be home and be away from masses of strangers and traffic lights and have breakfast…

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2 responses to “Things from Home

  1. Peace and quite of the country is really hard to beat at times, just sit or walk to enjoy the creation around us.

    • I agree, Michael. That is one of the main reasons that I love to call Nebraska “home”.

      I shipped cattle to Tyson early this morning and just as I finished loading the heifers onto the trucks, the sun popped over the horizon with a gorgeous flair. It was spectacular and I was so blessed to be able to watch it. I see almost every single sunrise as I am out doing chores when the sun comes up — it has a way of allowing me to face the day with the correct perspective.

      Thanks for reading and leaving me a note.

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