Love Food Friday Tip #9: Get Serious!

Love Food Friday!

ChrisNCBAkitchen2.jpgLove Food Friday Food Waste Elimination Tip #9: Get Serious — Document — and Save!

Chef Chris Giegel

For anyone serious about reducing food waste, it helps to know what is often wasted. Designate one week where you keep a journal or record all the food that gets wasted in your household. This will help you make informed and wiser buying decisions. If you buy less you waste less.

This could be as simple as freezing half a loaf of bread because you don’t eat an entire loaf before it goes bad, or realizing that your family doesn’t like something and avoiding purchasing it in the future. Buy a smaller gallon of milk if that regularly spoils before you can drink it all.

It’s easier to form a plan to reduce your food waste if you know what’s wasted. It’s well worth the time and will likely save you some money too!

BeefStripSteaksandMushroomKabobsGrecian Beef Strip Steaks & Mushroom Kabobs…

A great way to celebrate May as Beef Month and Memorial Day Weekend

Wishing you a fun filled holiday weekend, from our family to yours 🙂


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8 responses to “Love Food Friday Tip #9: Get Serious!

  1. Heather

    Our chickens eat a lot of the food that is left over. It helps them and reduces the waste from our kitchen.

    • Yes, chickens are beautiful recyclers — Heather! We have five Rhode Island Reds at our house and they are tremendously helpful reducing food waste by turning it into eggs! I love it.

      Great job 🙂

  2. Happy Memorial Day! Hope you all have a great weekend and get to go to the lake 😉

  3. if I have extra milk about to go bad I make pudding with it, sometimes what we call chocolate gravy and serve it warm over toast or biscuits. We throw very little food out. . If we bring home a baked potato when we eat out, the next morning I dice it up and have fried potatoes and eggs, even a leftover steak makes a great breakfast with eggs.

    • Good for you, Ellie! You do an awesome job of being a “responsible foodie” 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to care.

      I hope that you are having a good weekend.


  4. Thank you, we have had a good week end, it is my husbands birthday but he has been sick since Jan. So it was very low key. My daughter and fam. Came by brought a sour cream pound cake, our son works in Dubai and called. The food there is very interesting. They eat a lot of goat since they drink a lot less water then cows, also eat camels. Camel milk is served with chocolate most of the time. There is a very large dairy in the desert, I googled it and very interesting reading of what goes on to keep cattle milking in 120 or so heat. I thought this might interest you.

    • Happy Birthday to your hubby! Glad that you were able to get together with your daughter and her family.

      Interesting information about Dubai — I have not traveled the world much, but I find global agriculture intriguing. It is amazing how people are able to establish working systems in diverse climates in order to feed themselves. Thanks for the information.


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