#BeefsOnMyPlate Campaign…

Beginning today and running until May 8th (when the comment period for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines ends), beef farmers are teaming together to create a social media campaign to run alongside the comment period.  Participating in this campaign, in addition to sharing your comments with Secretary Burwell and Secretary Vilsack, will help to raise awareness of the positive health attributes of beef in the diet.

BeefonmyplateHere’s how you participate: At noon Eastern time today, @BeltwayBeef sent out the opening twitter message to Sec. Burwell and Sec. Vilsack establishing the hashtag #BeefsOnMyPlate.  Please head on over to twitter and retweet the original message making sure that @secburwell and @usda are included in the retweet.  Then continue the twitter campaign by including your own pictures of “beef on my plate” next to vegetables to show a complete and healthy meal.

Feel free to continue to share pictures of #BeefsOnMyPlate throughout the month to help spread the message.

meatballs2.jpgAshley Grace’s homemade beef meatballs in marinara sauce 🙂

Together we can make a difference!


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5 responses to “#BeefsOnMyPlate Campaign…

  1. Ashley Grace’s meal is making me hungry… looks good and healthy 🙂

  2. We love beef about any thing but liver. The price of beef here in Florida has gone up so much it breaks the budget to eat much of it. We have had to go to more pork and chicken. I know cattlemen need to see a higher price after all the set backs the last few years.

    • Yes, the price of beef is high. As you note, input prices are very high so beef is also expensive to produce right now.

      I love the taste of it and figure that I am getting more nutrients per ounce in beef relative to other proteins (plus I grow it) so we eat it a lot. But, I know that you are not alone in your $ predicament.

      Good to hear from you,

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