I Saw God Today…

One of my favorite songs is George Strait’s classic I Saw God Today It speaks to me — warms my heart — and balances my perspective.

I’ve been to church
I’ve read the book
I know he’s here
But I don’t look
Near as often as I should
Yeah, I know I should
His fingerprints are everywhere
I just slowed down to stop and stare
Opened my eyes and man I swear
I saw God today

Late this fall, I struggled terribly to find balance in my life. There were so many requests — so many demands — so many responsibilities — that I became lost in a sea of chaos. I felt stripped of energy, tired of giving, and emptied out inside. When I looked about me, the world had lost it color just as I had lost my spark.

My equilibrium failed and I lost my natural tendency to:

  • Look for God
  • See the good
  • Count my blessings


To recognize that just as I give, I must also receive — for if we fail to refuel our minds and our hearts, they run dry.

After my Turkey-Less Tetrazzini post in December, many of you reached out to me and shared similar struggles. It became quickly apparent that I was not alone in my battle to maintain balance.

I found comfort in that offer of comradery – thank you for that.

I spent the weeks following that post searching for an answer, a secret, to maintaining fitness amidst the endless tsunami of responsibilities.  I think best while exercising, so as I traversed up and down the swimming pool, and pounded the pavement walking and running; I slowly realized where I had gone amiss.

I remembered the words of George Strait’s song, and made a new resolution:

No matter how hectic the day, I will pause to look for God.


  • I will see him on my farm which will refuel my desire to CARE: for my animals, for my crew, and for those lives that I touch with the gift of food.
  • I will see him in my home, in the eyes of my children, which will refuel my desire to SUSTAIN for the future that we will build together as a family.
  • I will see him in my community, in my neighbor, which will refuel my desire to SHARE for I know that together we are stronger.
  • I will see him in the natural beauty that creates the plains of Nebraska, which will refuel my desire to PERSEVERE – never faltering in my desire to pursue excellence amidst the awesomeness of Mother Nature.

At the end of each day, I will reflect on the times that I felt God’s presence – refueling for the next day – finding peace amongst the chaos of life.


Did you pause to see God today?


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23 responses to “I Saw God Today…

  1. Clifford M itchell

    Great way to start the day and a good message.


    • Thank you, Clifford. It is a good message — one that I know that I need to think about each and every day. I am glad that it was meaningful to you as well.


  2. Wendy

    Beautiful! The best thought to start my day. Thanks Anne!

  3. theranchwifechronicles

    Your words are from the heart, Anne, and something many of us need to remember. I too struggle to find balance, I think all of us do from time to time. Prayer helps me a lot, but also attending Church. There is a peace that finds me while sitting in Church surrounded by others in prayer. It amazes me how Father’s Homily so often contains a message I need at the time.

    “To recognize that just as I give, I must also receive — for if we fail to refuel our minds and our hearts, they run dry.” I am a giver and need to remember there is a balance in receiving too.

    • Yes, Robyn, we share that trait. The trick is figuring out how to balance the scales so that we can refuel and keep the spark (attitude) necessary to continue to give. I find that it helps me to look for God periodically through the day — just taking a moment to feel the peace and to open my heart to Him.

      Enjoy the journey 🙂


  4. Sherri Merrill

    It was so interesting to read your post. I’ve been struggling with the same thing and the solution that I intend to try is the same. We’ll see what the year brings. Good luck and God bless.

    • Wishing you the best on your “journey”, Sherri. Thank you for sharing — it is always good to know that others find the same challenges in their lives. Together, we will figure it out. I do truly believe that we are on the right path.


  5. John Butler

    Appreciate the message Anne…..


  6. Deborah

    Have to admit there are tears in my eyes as I type this. It is, indeed, good to know that we are not alone as we journey through and that the patterns of the challenges presented can call forth our growth and deepen our committment when we approach with this perspective. Thank you again for being with us last week!

    • Deborah,

      I so enjoyed your group and am very thankful that you invited me. I learned from your students and hope that they also learned from me. It is a great group.

      If time allows, I will get a blog post up tomorrow about low stress handling and include the video that would not work while I was with you all. Hopefully you can share it with the students so that they can view it on their own.


  7. Bruce

    Those of us who are task oriented, goal oriented and driven to succeed sometimes loose sight of our higher calling and purpose in this life. It is good to get out of the race of life and pause from time to time to reflect on who we are and where we are going. When we do that and when we let Him speak to us in that “still small voice” we may find refreshment and new energy. He wants the very best for us and will help re-orient us on the journey.

    • Yes, Bruce — I also am one of those “task oriented, goal oriented, driven to succeed folks” and I very much agree that taking the time to step back and find the “big picture”/higher calling is critical. When my girls were little, I would always tell them to “take God with you”. We would tap a little place on their shoulder’s where they would imagine God tagging along with them on their daily adventures. That “still small voice” or presence that we find if only we look is so very important.

      Thank you for sharing.


  8. Lyn Zolman

    Thank you Anne for this reflection on I saw God Today.
    It is beautiful and just what I needed to hear.

    • I am glad that it helped you, Lyn. I know that writing the piece was a tremendous help for me.

      Good to hear from you — thank you for sharing.


  9. Joanne

    So very honest and so very clear. The hardest thing for me to do is slow down, to be still and hear from Him. When I do it makes all the difference. Trying to do it more. It is nice to know I am not alone.

  10. Anne,
    Sometimes it amazes how similar I find I am to someone. This past few years for hubby and I have been tough and very draining. We have been looking for purpose, direction, and seeing the good. We have given so much over the past year to those at our church, friends, family, me at my job (that all I do as a counselor) that we have become drained and dare I even admit bitter at times. I think hubby and I have figured out we need to recharge ourselves this year and find that spark as you call it again. We have started with our faith, we always have prayed, gone to church, etc, but we are taking extra steps this year to see God. I always appreciate your honesty and sharing. Hope you have a blessed and God filled 2015 🙂

    • Yes, Kim — we share many things. I have found that I need to look for God each and every day in the world around me. It is easiest for me to find him outside on our farm and in the rural hills of Nebraska. It is in that quiet time when I am alone outdoors that I am able to “be still” and open my heart.

      We have started a new habit at our house — when we sit down to supper, each family members shares “where they saw God today”. It is a wonderful way to share together as a family at the end of the day. It is fun for me to hear where my girls find Him most.

      Best of luck to you as you continue the journey. Count your blessings and embrace the joy 🙂

      Good to hear from you,

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