Continuous Improvement…

I met Dr. Tom Noffsinger more than a decade ago.  A veterinarian in Southwestern, Nebraska, Dr. Tom teaches the concept of low stress cattle handling and holistic bovine care.  He is a master at understanding the bovine mind, and is truly a devoted advocate for our animals.

Tom Noffsinger

Dr. Tom Noffsinger…

I love to watch Dr. Tom engage and handle cattle.  His gift of patience and dedication to caring mentors me as I travel my own personal journey of continuously improving cattle care.  I laugh to my girls that “when I grow up, I want to be like Dr. Tom”, and it is a lifelong goal of mine to be as savvy a cattle caregiver as he is.

I am very excited to report that Dr Tom has teamed up with a Brazilian veterinarian (Dr. Paulo Loureiro) to star in a variety of cattle handling videos that are available online for the public to view.

On this Thoughtful Thursday, I encourage each of you to visit the website and spend some time watching and learning from Dr. Tom.  Whether you are a cattle farmer or simply an interested animal lover, these videos show a fascinating side to creating high quality animal care in a feed yard setting.


Why continuous improvement? Because it matters to him…

 Many thanks to Dr. Tom and Dr. Paulo for bringing good cattle care and handling to the spotlight; as well as to Merck Animal Health for funding the effort. 


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5 responses to “Continuous Improvement…

  1. Katheryn

    You continue to inspire us with more exciting information. Thank you for letting us know about Dr. Tom and his approach to healthy cattle care!

  2. Elaine Bristol

    EXCELLENT videos! Thank you for sharing this great resource and for your leadership by example.

    • You are most welcome, Elaine. I figure that the more people that watch the videos the greater “continuous improvement” we will see within the beef family relative to animal care — And, hopefully, the more beef lovers that see the videos will realize that beef farmers really do care about their animals and work hard to offer them a decent life. It is a Win/Win 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback — Glad that you took the time to watch the videos.


  3. Hi Anne,

    I want to thank you very much for showing Creating Connections in your blog. This is the idea: sharing information to inspire people.
    Dr Tom is unique as you already know and I’m honored to have him with me on this journey.
    We are trying to show that learning has no limits. You will notice that in many videos he is coaching me. This is an experience that I will carry with me forever.
    We will be launching more videos every month, the next will be about Acclimation… I am learning so much!
    My best regards,

    Paulo Loureiro

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