I am From…

Thoughtful Thursday

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday post is a free verse poem written by my favorite twelve year old…


I am From…

I’m from hard work,
sports, and the Bible.
I’m from Ann and Dave, Herbert and Sally,
and Anne and Matt.
I’m from Sundays with
I’m a proud
Fishing with grandpa,
hiking, and swimming.
I’m from horses and
Sarcasm rules
my life.
I’m a swimmer, a runner,
 an animal lover,
and a basketball post.
I’m a farmer’s daughter,
who can hold her own.
Frogs, mud pies, and butterflies
spells out my childhood.
Cancer has darkened so many happy memories,
my grandpa is with GOD.
Pets have a special place in my
Cheeseburgers at the lake with friends,
Ketchup all over us.
Cracking open clams,
Finding a crawdad inside.
I’m from love and laughs,
Tears and regrets.
I’m from “Grace,” “Damn it,” and
 “Heaven Preserve Us”.
I’m from gardening with mom,
no allowance.
 I’m from shot guns, school work,
And books.
I’m from bruises, scars,
And sisters.
Trips… visiting
I’m from picking sweetcorn, climbing trees,
And falling off donkeys.
But most of all
I’m proud to live in small town U.S.A


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15 responses to “I am From…

    • Thank you, Dawn! I love this poem. I get tears in my eyes when I read it. Megan is such a beautiful person — she has tremendous insight, and a huge level of compassion that awes me at times.


  1. This must be… Awesome.

    • Yes, this is an “awesome” from my “awesome”. So very proud of her — Her maturity, her toughness, her tremendous compassion, her ability to notice things and her commitment to always appreciate the beauty that surrounds her.

      Hope that all is well in Virginia, Bill.

  2. Roberta

    She deserves an A+ AND a hug! 🙂

    • I agree, Roberta! She write the poem as an English class assignment, and she has just completed a presentation with it where she added pictures to each of the thoughts. She and I both love to take pictures, so we had a fun time finding good ones to use 🙂

      My girls all “awe” me at times — their insight, compassion, and ability to put their thoughts into words. It makes me a proud mama.


  3. Gerald Stokka

    Anne, Your 12 year old daughter makes me proud to know her Mom.

    • Thank you, Gerald. She makes me proud to be her Mama. Megan has a special gift of noticing and appreciating the beauty that surrounds her. Sunday mornings at the feed yard find her with a camera in hand waiting for the sun to rise — She is good for me and reminds me to take a moment to be thankful for all of our blessings.

      There are so many things intermixed into her words in this poem — so much maturity/reflection, and the beautiful ability to describe herself and what is most important to her.

      My girls are the best part of me, and it humbles me to realize the role that I play helping them to find themselves on their life journey.

      I hope that all is well up north.

  4. Carol

    Great poem, Megan! You’ve described yourself and your heritage well.

    • Thank you, Carol — You know Megan well enough that I am sure you could see her in the poem very clearly. I love that she looks as herself and describes herself this way. It makes me feel as though I am doing a good job as her mom 🙂


  5. Good poem from the heart and much feelings.

  6. That’ll be a great poem to hold on to. You’ll have to frame it for the graduation party in several years!

    • Yes, Valerie, I agree! I am actually trying to find a way to make a picture/plaque of it. Megan and I looked at options on the internet over the weekend, but didn’t find anything that we liked at first look. We will keep working on it as it is a fun project 🙂


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