5 Lessons That I Want My Children To Learn Before They Go To College…

Thoughtful Thursday

While the love story that brought me to agriculture was steeped in romanticism, the secret to my success as a cattle caregiver and the “boss lady” at our feed yard is buried deeply in the five lessons listed below.


I learned to “run” a scoop shovel when I went to work on our farm in 1997. I still run one every Sunday morning because it plays a role in my search for excellence…

5 Lessons that I want my children to learn before they go to college…

  1. The only thing that you are entitled to is work.  Do not expect for the world to hand you what you want — Know that you will have to work for it.
  2. Realize that attitude is everything and will shape your perspective — Look favorably upon your responsibilities, then they will also become your joys.
  3. The most important thing that you take with you is your integrity.  Respect it enough to always be loyal to the truth.
  4. Work Ethic + Attitude + Integrity = A Leader.  Be one — The world will be a better place if you share of yourself.
  5. The Road To Excellence Is Rarely Comfortable.  Excellence is not about comfort — It is about reaching above and beyond your capabilities in order accomplish far more than your dreams.


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16 responses to “5 Lessons That I Want My Children To Learn Before They Go To College…

  1. Nancy Bath

    Outstanding. We need more people to learn this attitude.

    • Thank you, Nancy. This post came from my heart — wanting to be shared with all of the young people who are beginning their life journey. I am glad that it spoke to you and hope that it makes a difference with others as well.


  2. Speaking from a college student perspective, this is great! Going to college is a stir of emotions, but the person you become is worth the ride. I grew up a farm kid and I firmly believe that is what has drove me to my success. Good job!

    • Yes, Sami — I still remember my college days (almost twenty years ago!), and it is a “stir of emotions”. Life is like that — well beyond your college years. Please take these 5 things to heart as you move forward — they are my “recipe for success” 🙂

      Best wishes,

  3. Katheryn

    Awesome — Awesome — Awesome, Anne…profound statements about “who each of us become”!

    • Thank you, Katheryn. These lessons sit very close to my heart — and I tease my daughters that I am going to paste the words on their bedroom ceilings so that they are the first things that they see in the morning and the last things that they see when they go to bed at night.

      I am so pleased that this post has resonated with so many readers. It is always good to realize that your personal values are shared by many!

      As always, I appreciate your support 🙂

      • Katheryn

        That’s amazing that you thought about putting these on their ceiling to see first thing in the morning…I thought perhaps I would tape them to our mirror 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on My Other More Exciting Self and commented:
    I enjoy following the Feedyard Foodie blog for many reasons. I certainly learn more about raising beef cattle, which is helpful since I didn’t really know much about raising beef cattle prior to finding this blog. And I enjoy reading about Anne’s family and their life on a Nebraska cattle ranch.

    Given my writing last week about being an “extroverted introvert” this post of Anne’s really spoke to me – especially # 5 on her list. It is just simply true – even at my age.

    Plus, these lessons are all just exactly what I want my own son, Joe, to learn as he grows up.

  5. Carol

    In a society with no work ethic, bad attitudes and no integrity, I wsth there were millions of you, Anne. Your post ties in with the sermon from our pastor last Sunday. Here’s the address in case you are interested. http://www.bennettcreekchurch.com
    The sermons are along the left hand side and this one is entitled “A Nation of Wimps”.

    • It sounds like you all are settling in well, Carol — having already found a church that you like! Thank you for sharing the link.

      I have been very surprised at how many “reads” this post has received over the past few days. It renews my faith that there are folks out there that care about good values, and want to instill those values in their children. I wrote this post because I wanted to put into words what is important to me in order to share with my girls — I put it on the blog with the hope that others would benefit from it. It brings me great joy to see how many other people have done just that.


  6. Armenda Boyer

    Wonderful post! Lot’s of wise words of wisdom. I especially like your “how to be a leader” equation! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Thank you, Armenda. I appreciate your kind words and support; and hope that you will keep reading 🙂

      My oldest daughter likes to remark that I am well known for my “motivational pontifications”, but I think that my girls all benefit from both those words and the actions that my husband and I do in our daily lives to “live them”.


  7. Dr. Loyal A. Vincent

    Having worked 40 years in Education as a Superintendent, Building Administrator and Class Room instructor, I believe these 5 Lessons are priceless. They should all be promoted by ALL parents before and during the time their children attend school and step out into the world of work and relationships.

    Thank you,

    • You are most welcome, Dr. Vincent. I am glad that you find my “lessons” appropriate — they certainly provide the basis of what I most want my children to learn, and I believe them to be incredibly critical factors in a successful life.

      I appreciate your reading and commenting — It is good to know that others share my beliefs.


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