My Favorite Volleyball Playing “Cowgirl/Chef”…

Thoughtful Thursday

My favorite farmer informed me that I has used up my “weekly quota of words” in Tuesday’s post — So today I will simply share the special news that my favorite cowgirl/chef plays her first Junior High volleyball game this afternoon.


Go Meg!

Gotta love those muscles that are FUELED BY BEEF!


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4 responses to “My Favorite Volleyball Playing “Cowgirl/Chef”…

  1. 22 straight serves in the first set to start the match off right — Way to go Meg! The Lady Haymakers win 25-4 and 25-13 😊

  2. Yahhhhh… way to go Meghan 🙂 I miss those volleyball days and am happy to hear about your games.

    • She was so excited, Kim! I loved watching the pure joy and confidence build as the number of straight serving points went up 😊. She has a beautiful serve and good placement. It really set the tone for the match. It was a great way to start her Junior High volleyball journey!

      Thank you for caring and supporting — it really means a lot to our family.

      Hope that your hubby is on the mend and you all are doing well.


      • That is so exciting to hear… I am glad she has started things out so well. It must be all that practice and dedication you teach her about 😉

        We are on the mend here and this week on vacation. Not going anywhere, but getting some needed time off to get things done around here.


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