Thoughtful Thursday

My favorite 9th grader: Circa 2002...

My favorite 9th grader: Circa 2002…

Today is a very special day.  My favorite 9th grader will don her Haymaker Cross Country uniform and compete in her first Varsity race.  Beneath the nervous pre-race jitters, I look into her eyes and see the determination and focus of an athlete.  What I see makes me a believer — I am not only her mother, but also her biggest fan.


Today, as pride fills my heart, I remember a quote by Drew Brees:

“Believing—there are several layers to it.  There’s the surface-level type of believing, where you acknowledge that something is true.  Then there is a deeper kind of belief–the type that gets inside of you and actually changes you.  It’s the kind of belief that changes your behavior, your attitude, and your outlook on life, and the people around you can’t help but notice.”

What kind of believer are you?

Go Haymakers!


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4 responses to “Believing…

  1. I hope your favorite Varsity CC runner had a successful race today!

    Awesome quote find, Anne.

    • It was an awesome afternoon/evening, Robyn! She was 6th place individually and the team brought home both the girls and boys title trophies 🙂 It was a great way to start the season — Great victories. I am so proud of AG and all of the team members!

      Thanks for asking,

  2. Congrats to AG and the team. That is a fantastic quote, one that I had not heard for I am sure now that I have read it I will not forget it.
    Have a great week!

    • Anita,

      I agree that it is a wonderful quote — I actually have it permanently listed at the bottom of the home screen on my blog site, but I have wanted to also use it in a blog post to ensure that readers saw it. Drew Brees’s book, Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity, is one of my favorites. If you like the quote, I encourage you to get the book!

      Thanks for the note — I will pass along your congratulations to AG 🙂


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