Dawn Through Megan’s Camera Lens…


My cowboy is on vacation this week, so my favorite blonde cowgirl and I started the week by checking cattle at the feed yard Sunday morning.  The following set of pictures is:

Dawn through Megan’s Camera Lens…


Dawn is my favorite time at the feed yard.  As Megan took pictures of the morning glory, I could feel my dad smiling down on us. 

His “four wheel drive” girl and his camera — a good combination…


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14 responses to “Dawn Through Megan’s Camera Lens…

  1. Dawn

    Great pictures Megan! I too wander around at dawn taking pictures on my farm. Such a great time of day!

    • Thank you, Dawn! I agree that dawn is the best part of the day — I figure that I am a lucky girl to be able see 7 of them each week 🙂


  2. Ann Smith

    We’ve always loved the views of sunrise & sunset in Nebraska!

    • We share that in common, Ann! I grew up with sunrises along the ocean but, honestly, I prefer them across the plains 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Katheryn

    Megan you are a great photographer…Grandpa is definitely smiling down at you!

    • I agree, Katheryn. My dad was certainly smiling on Sunday morning. He always called Megan “four wheel drive” and smiled at her antics. It would have brought him tremendous joy to see her recording Mother Nature with his camera.

      The sun rays above and below the clouds felt like his smile. It was a good morning.


  4. Kathy Bottrell

    Those pictures are glorious, Megan.

  5. Great pictures Megan! Well done!

    • Thank you 🙂 I appreciate the support for Megan — it is wonderful to hear all of the positive feedback from readers. Brings a smile to her face 🙂


  6. Sarah Schumacher


  7. Carol

    Great pics, Megan! You have some beautiful sunrises, too!

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