5 Reasons Why I Prefer a Cattle Feed Yard To a Shopping Mall…

Thoughtful Thursday

I prefer a cattle feed yard to a shopping mall…


My daughters went back to school this week.  Just like many teenage girls, they thought that they needed to do  “school shopping” prior to the big day. They bemoan the fact that their Mama is a reluctant shopping participant…

5 Reasons Why I Prefer a Cattle Feed Yard To a Shopping Mall

1.  Cattle are generally respectful creatures, and can be trained to be consistently courteous.

2. Cattle are gregarious, non-verbal creatures; the feed yard is generally a quiet place where there is a blissful lack of bickering.

3. Cattle do not text or use “electronic devices” which allows for more focused personal interactions.

4. Cattle grow their own heavy coats in the winter, and shorter coats in the summer — they do not ask me to spend more than $100.00 to purchase a pair of jeans that already have holes in them.

5. Cattle live in the present and have no concept of the future — As such, they do not ask me to think about Christmas purchases in August…


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11 responses to “5 Reasons Why I Prefer a Cattle Feed Yard To a Shopping Mall…

  1. Bobbi

    I absolutely hate shopping especially when there is more people than normal shopping at the same time. I have such a hard time comprehending how fighting for space at the clothing racks is fun…our cattle don’t even push and shove that much at the feed bunk! I think there should be a minimum of 18 in of rack space per person!!!

  2. Katheryn

    What a wonderful perspective, the comparison about human behaviors compared to cattle were spot on.

    • Thank you, Katheryn! I appreciate your kind words — this post is a bit different than what I typically write, but I was moved to give it a try after spending an afternoon in Omaha shopping…


  3. Bethany

    Oh goodness, my sister and I had a conversation kind of like this the other day. We’re both expecting our first child soon, and “had to go baby shopping”. We were in the big city for about 6 hours, which was way past the length of our patience:)

    • Enjoy your coming little one, Bethany! I remember those days — you have many years of blessings headed your way 🙂 I always tried to talk my mom and mother in law into shopping for baby things for me. It doesn’t work as well now that my girls are old enough to want to try on all of the clothes that they buy…


  4. Mutt

    i agree with your reasons 100% . Im 100 miles from a walmart and when i go there , there are 20 checkout lanes and 2 of em are open ,,, the ppl push and shove to get inline to checkout , worse than fats headed to a trough..

  5. Jason Vaught

    I passed this along to my wife who operates a large daycare and she thought you made a strong point.

  6. LOL! Great post. I have just started using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save to reduce my “need” for shopping even more.

  7. LOL… love it. I agree 🙂

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