Thoughtful Thursday

During the summer months, my feed yard crew works on maintenance projects that the weather precludes us from doing during the winter.  One of our main projects this summer is building new fence in our receiving/shipping/cattle working corral.  This week, we began painting the fence to help “weatherize” it.


My daughters, in addition to my graduate student intern from the University of Nebraska, all added onto the regular crew to work on this popular task.  It is amazing what comes up when a diverse group of smart minds spend hours performing manual labor tasks…

 At one point, my favorite blonde cowgirl announced Mom, you should write a blog post about reliability because it is the most important quality in an animal caregiver.”  As I thought about her statement and the explanation that followed, I realized how truly perceptive she is.

Reliability provides the basis to being a good animal caregiver — from showing up to work on time every day, to working diligently and carefully to provide good feed and animal care, to consistently demonstrating calm leadership to the animals — my cattle rely on us every day of the year.  They don’t tolerate excuses, instead they inspire responsible diligence.

The Feed Yard Foodie


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10 responses to “Reliability…

  1. John Butler

    Looks as if I should have sent you some purple paint!

  2. Lisa Pederson

    I really like this post, Anne. I think it is one that resonates well with BQA principles. Lisa

    • I agree, Lisa. Reliability and dedication are at the very heart of BQA, and so very important to providing quality animal care.

      Thanks for the feed back! I hope that all is well up north.


  3. “they don’t tolerate excuses” – isn’t that the truth! Livestock will make a person diligent if they weren’t already. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Anne. 🙂

    • Absolutely!

      Glad that you enjoyed the post. I love the picture — shows the personalities of my girls so well. Painting is good for them 🙂


  4. Anne;

    I enjoy peeking in at your posts from time to time! I am going to share this with our team at GrainBridge and Cattleman friends and family out West.


    Pat Kroese

    • Great to hear from you, Pat, and so glad that you are still reading my posts. Thanks so much for sharing and taking the time to comment.

      I hope that all is well!

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