True Partners…

Thoughtful Thursday


There is tremendous beauty in a true partnership marked by trust and devotion.  From it springs an unselfish desire to care unconditionally and love without reservation.

The Feed Yard Foodie




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3 responses to “True Partners…

  1. Anne,
    I like this post and the pict of true partners.

    I have to share a quick story. The same applies to showing cattle. Growing up I was the cattle showman and Sister the sheep showman. In our respective species we got first pick on which animals were ours. While breaking calves I could tell if a calf and I were going to bond or not. If we didn’t bond, Sister got the calf. I did show a few hard headed steers, but Sister probably got a few more than her fair share.

  2. Additional thoughts from Anne: Last week at the International Symposium of Beef Cattle Welfare, I heard Dr. David Fraser speak about the conflicting ideas of “romantic” vs “industrial” thoughts toward animal welfare. Listening to his presentation cemented my belief that I was a conflicted romantic and pragmatic animal welfare supporter. There is a part of my heart that will always be a romantic and this picture above is a window to it; yet managing a cattle feed yard and shouldering the responsibility of caring for 3000 food producing animals necessitates a practical slant to animal care that benefits both my animals and the people that they will ultimately nourish…

    • “Romantic” vs “industrial” thoughts toward animals sounds like a fascinating topic. I agree, there is a difference and a purpose for each.

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