1011 News and “Our Town Cozad”

1011 News out of Lincoln and Grand Island, Nebraska featured my favorite blonde cowgirl/chef and I Wednesday night on the evening news.  We participated in a series segment called “Our Town Cozad” where the news station spends a week focusing on interesting things relative to our small town to share with viewers.


Over the years, our farm has hosted a number of different reporters, and I would like to issue a special thank you to Lance Schwartz of 1011 news for his genuine interest and kind demeanor during the interview.  It was an enjoyable morning as well as a great learning experience.

Click here to watch the 3 minute video of our farm story and my journey from the city to the cattle feed yard.



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7 responses to “1011 News and “Our Town Cozad”

  1. Katheryn

    Winner…winner…beef’s for dinner! Awesome Anne

    • Thank you, Katheryn! Love the rhyme — I’m going to have to start chanting that at home to the girls when dinner is ready 🙂


  2. That is so assume 🙂 Great job once again and your daughter did well also 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you, Kim! I was proud of Megan — she handled the situation with her typical smile and positive outlook 🙂 Glad that you enjoyed it.

      My “chicken girl” is now back home — flew home from Texas on Saturday evening. She couldn’t believe how big the birds had gotten in her absence! We all continue to be amazed at how fast they are growing. They are being “brave” and exploring the run and have started to eat some alfalfa dehy in addition to their starter pellets. I am laughing because they eat the crushed alfalfa pellets first and only after they are gone do they go back and eat the starter feed. Matt is laughing that he makes the tastiest feed 🙂

      Hope that you are well,

      • LO… that is great… chickens are funny birds. I am so glad you are all having fin with them 🙂 I look forward to new pics of them 🙂

        We are good here just busy and trying to figure out where God wants us 😉 Hope you guys have a good week 🙂

  3. Carol

    Great job, Anne and Megan! It’s always good to see you in the spotlight as you should be!

    • Thank you, Carol! It was a fun deal and a great experience for Megan. Hope that all is well up your way. We have certainly had some interesting weather and storms during the month of June…

      Take care and tell Teyha “hello”!


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