We Are Always Stronger As a Team…

Thoughtful Thursday

AG and Omar.jpg

My oldest daughter and her training cronie…

They log in the miles while training together — trading smiles as well as a few sarcastic remarks while steadily pushing each other to greatness.

They are teammates and, as you can see in the picture, they move with coordination and unity.

I think of them today as I participate in Beef Quality Assurance and Sustainability meetings in Denver.  The beef team also strives for coordination and unity as we come together to constantly search for ways to get better.

No matter what the task,

We are always stronger as a team!

The Feed Yard Foodie



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6 responses to “We Are Always Stronger As a Team…

  1. John Butler

    The only thing I don’t get in the picture is he looks to be a step ahead of her…..that does not sound like Anne’s daughter!

    Thanks for sharing…


    • I agree that she should be first, John 🙂 She runs today in the Nebraska State Junior High Track meet — both the 1600 and the 800M. Hopefully she will find that winning spirit and run like the wind!


  2. Their strides are identical, but he is appears clumsy or is thoughtless in his arm movements. To his credit, he is landing on his heel. Your daughter has much more balance, and her arms appear to be moving right. Her forward foot seems a little flat. Great shot.

    • Laughing at you, Bill. It seems to me like you used to critique my swimming strokes in much the same manner…Some things never change! The two of them make the same kind of pair that we did in our old days of training in the pool. It makes me smile to watch them and to remember all of the *funny* things that you did during those long hours of training 🙂


  3. I never went out for track so no running critiques here! I just wanted to let you know I thought this was a great blog post. Working as a team helps you get further and programs like BQA or in my case PQA are great ways for our industries to strive and succeed as a team.

    • Thank you, Val! I agree that teamwork is essential, and it is something that agriculture needs to continue to place as a priority to improve upon.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Feedback from readers is so helpful!


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