Cowboys Fighting Cancer…

It is likely that cancer has converged with each and every one of our lives — regardless of our address.  It is a disease that demands to be recognized even though each of us likely prefers to celebrate the individual talents of our loved ones, simply thankful for the gift of each day that we spend together.

While all those affected fight tenaciously, only some are able to claim the victory of another earthly sunrise. For those that are left behind, each day brings the development of a new normal as we move forward to honor those that are lost.


In 1996, a very special group of cattlemen and women from the Nebraska beef family aspired to take an active role in cancer research fundraising. Soon after, the idea of a yearly Cattlemen’s Ball was born. Today, it is one of the largest cancer fundraisers in the state of Nebraska and a beautiful symbol of what blending talent and passion with teamwork can accomplish.

Each year, a community in outstate Nebraska takes on the challenge of hosting the ball as the local cowboys and cowgirls saddle up to fight cancer. The 2014 Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska host ranch is the Hoot Owl Ranch in Banner County, Nebraska with Jeff and Kathy May and Kenny and Misty Stauffer acting as host families.


The event will occur on June 6-7 and features of myriad of activities including golf, live auctions, wine tasting, both a style and art show, live entertainment provided by Montgomery Gentry, as well as ranch events celebrating cattle and environmental stewardship.

The goal is two-fold: 1. Honor those that are lost by raising $2,500,000 to benefit cancer research at the Fred and Pamela Buffet Cancer Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center as well as supplement local medical needs within the host region, and 2. Enjoy a day of fun and fellowship on a ranch showcasing the spectacular beauty of rural Nebraska.2014_BALL logo_final (1)

For additional information on the 2014 Cattlemen’s Ball; as well as purchase tickets, make a donation, or volunteer your time please visit


Help us to honor our loved ones and our land while blending our gifts and talents in order to Corral a Cure for cancer!



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5 responses to “Cowboys Fighting Cancer…

  1. Hope Ashley Grace was able to read my responses to her chicken questions. Let me know if she has any more or wants pans for a coop or run 🙂 Hope you all are well. I know its a busy time for you 🙂

    • She is hoping that her Dad will have time to help her with her construction project this weekend 🙂 We have been so busy with spring planting and track season that her chicken project has not moved very far…She did read your responses and made some adjustments in per plan as per your suggestions. I am sure that we will likely reach out again as the project progresses! I hope that you are well– Thank you — Anne

      • That’s great I am glad she was able to read them. I understand being busy and you all are very busy 😉 I hope planting and track are both going well 🙂 Hope you all are having a nice spring 🙂

    • I just emailed you a picture — the project has begun and AG and her dad have spent a wonderful weekend working on the coop. So fun for me to watch them work together 🙂 Stay tuned for more questions and updates! Best, Anne

      • Cool I will go check my e-mail. I am so excited for her 🙂 I can’t wait to see how this goes for her.. I bet it was a fun weekend 🙂

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