Different Types of Animals…

Thoughtful Thursday


While a farmer cares for all of her animals, she must offer appropriate care relative to animal type.  Care for food animals is made up of a complex blend of cattle welfare, responsible land and resource use, and a focus on human food safety.

It varies from the type of care that my youngest daughter offers to her favorite cat because the animal’s purpose is different!


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16 responses to “Different Types of Animals…

  1. Your right we care for our chickens different then our dogs for example. And as you know our pups are spoiled 😉

    • I have a spoiled dog at my house too 🙂

      On a different note, my oldest daughter is trying to talk us into letting her get chickens…Do you think this is a good idea? The girls would be required to do all chores associated with them. I am interested in your opinion—

      Have a blessed Easter,

      • Well you guys know about hard work and that is what chickens are. They are twice a day or more gathering eggs, chancing water buckets, cleaning eggs, feeding once a day (twice in the winter), and in the winter making sure the heat lamps are on and stuff, etc. They are fin to watch and I think your girls probably know a thing or two about hard work so if you think they can handle it then it might be good. I would suggest starting with 4 hens. That would give you 2-4 eggs a day and if you loose one they will still be okay because they like to be in broods of 2 or more. I find that the Rhode Island Red Chickens are a good breed to start with they are heat and cold tolerant, good temperaments, and just a good starter bread. I think the hardest chore that the girls might not like is the cleaning of the laying boxes as if you don’t keep them cleaned and the poop out it gets all over the eggs and it can cause disease. If we had kids we would defiantly have them working with the chickens. We let our girls out to free range before we go to work and they get locked up in the run at dark so no animals get them.
        Ask any questions you or the girls have about their care and I will be happy to answer and help you with your decision.

        Hope you have a blessed Easter as well 🙂

      • I appreciate it, Kim. I have shown Ashley Grace your note and she is preparing a list of initial questions. She will post them on your website in the comment section from your last post. She is currently researching the physical layout needed so that she and her Daddy can build what is required… She is very dedicated and really wants to make a go of it, so I think that we are going to move forward. I really appreciate you being willing to answer her questions, and (if you don’t mind) I will encourage her to reach out to you with questions. Thank you!

      • I will be happy to answer any and all questions and she can e-mail me as well. Just let me know if she e-mails me and I will make sure to check it 🙂 I am happy to help anyone starting with chickens especially young ins 😉 I am so excited for you all and I will get to Ashley Grace’s question soon I want to compose my response and just got home too late tonight from a church function to be able to 🙂 Let her know her answers are coming 🙂

      • Tell Ashley Grace I haven’t forgotten about her questions. I got majorly side tracked between work and planning a women’s retreat for my church while just occurred the last few day, for the past two weeks. I am so sorry. I hope this coming week I can get to her questions as they were good ones. Let her know I am sorry for the delayed response.

      • No worries, Kim! She is still researching. Her dad is planting / farming right now so has not had time to help her build anything. They are hoping to start looking at designs etc. this week, but she is certainly still in the “research” phase 🙂 Hope that you are well! Anne

  2. Easter Blessings to you and your family, Anne!

    Growing up Mom called Sister, “Elly Mae.” Sister was always finding and trying to save animals. We had a few funerals for little birdies that fell out of nests and enjoyed lots of kittys (one that she feed with an eye dropper for weeks). The most fun we had was the baby raccoon she found abandoned in the barn. Today she raises sheep and the little lambs love her.

    • Happy Easter to you as well, Robyn! We are excited for the weekend as my mom is here visiting from Florida 🙂

      It sounds like I have a fair amount in common with your sister — I was always the one trying to save animals as a child as well…

      I hope that calving continues to move along well for you. There is a rumor that spring might come next week with temperatures in the 70’s!

      Take care,

  3. I love animals too and my name is Ella Mae, close. We had chickens when I was young and after we were married for a while. We tended them once a day unless weather made it necessary. This was in Ohio. We had feeders that held feed for a day or so and a fenced yard for them to be out in the day, they eat a lot of grass, weeds and bugs. They can get very tame and enjoy people company. We used straw for the nest boxes and they did not need cleaning often with so few chicks. They need a roost so they only use the nest for eggs. I think your daughter would really enjoy having them, if it does not work out they make really good chicken and dumplings. Really I am not heartless, just a practical farm girl.

  4. Are most of your cattle steers or are some heifers? What ages are the cattle you get at the food lot. That’s really what I came on to asks but got sidelined with the chickens.

    • Hi Ellie! Most of our cattle are steers (about 70%) because many of my ranchers keep the majority of their heifers back for breeding purposes. Their ages range from 9-18 months of age depending on the resources available on the home ranch and the amount of moisture that is received in any given year.

      Thank you for chiming in on the chicken conversation — Ashley Grace is researching and studying…And, working on getting her Dad to help her build a coop etc. 🙂

      Great to hear from you. Have a blessed Easter!

  5. Hi, i am a pet lover like you, i I find dogs more adorable. Cat’s too. Each and everyone have their own likings, right?

    • Absolutely, Becky! Animals play many different types of roles in our lives, and each one of us has our favorites. We enjoy our dog, cats, and horses at our house—all are special pets. Also, all are different from our cattle whom are not pets.

      Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I’m always glad to see someone that has this much love and dedication towards animals. This says a lot about your character as a person.

    • What a wonderful compliment–thank you so much. You made my day! I hope that you continue to read and follow the blog.


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